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American Beauty NO FLUTE

Investigations meets Missing Without a Trace etc. Would also make a great theme for a game show, drama, or a commercial . In style of Thomas Newman.SUSPENSE, Frozen suspense, ambience, ambient , game on, Relaxing, mystery build up, opening up, melodic trance, suspense light, film noir, soundtrack, s...

Rock guitar as a weapon

Hard hitting guitar rock with underlying electronic pulses and great drum workout.fast music, rock , electro rock, guitars, Hunt You Down To Your Death, action cue, hard core, cinematic action explosion, soundtrack

Bass and Drum

A down and dirty, nasty beat and synth riff. Determined, controlled aggression. Combining elements of urban, rock, electronica and hip-hop. Similar to the sound of The Crystal Method. Pensive, confident, cool.

Sad melodic piano

A softly tender solo piano piece. Touching, romantic and heartfelt, like saying goodbye or spending a quiet moment with a loved one. Think romance, a gentle promise of eternal love, or dearly held memories, perhaps loss or melancholy. Fall ,October , November , September , Falling Leafs, send me an ...

Hard road to Victory

Orchestra, string section playing a classical / film score theme with a sense of urgency and development,action strings,Acoustic Adventures,stacatto strings,Duty an Honor,

Crying for help

Sad and dreamy piano and orchestral soundtrack, very tender and emotive, finding and losing love, wishing, remembering,relax,wonderful piece,warm music,delicate, sad, sorrowful, heartfelt,emotional


Pensive, rhythmic underscore with a dark side. Pulsating rhythm, dark guitars and synth pads create a mood suitable for thriller, dangerous situation, cool night ride, detective / investigations, crime mystery and more .Ambient, eerie , SUSPENSE, mystery build up, suspense light, soundtrack, space, ...

Heroes of World War II

An emotional, grand, cinematic piece. Rising up from a sad, sorrowful and haunting opening, to a crescendo into an all-out majestic, heroic, almost fanfare like climax. Orchestra and Choir. Climatic. Build up . piano orchestral, tragic heroic, war,tv theme,Duty an Honor,
Yann Keerim