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All Quiet in China Town - Intro

Asian flavors in this short opening usable in movies, documentaries and asia – china related stuff. Expresses a feeling of inner peace, equilibrium. I used samples of a flute named shakuhachi, a synth and castanets.

This Mystery Is About To Get Solved - Intro

Precautious and attentive are the feelings expressed by this classical opening. Can be used in movies, funny scenes perhaps, some documentaries and even videogames when starting a level or such. I used contrabassoon, bassoon, oboe, woodblock, castanets and guiro.

Amusement Intro

Amusing track usable in movies or documentaries, or circus related. It has a humorous vibe. Suitable also for cartoons, animations, funny videos and ads, laughing moments. I used samples of trombone, bassoon, castanets, guiro, marimba and xylophone.

Spanish matador

A latin track featuring spanish guitars and percussion ala Gypsy kings. The hook is extremely melodious and very catchy. This track has a sentimental but yet very groovy attitude. This track can be used in many different scenes and in many different ways. The ending is serene and romantic.

Or Perhaps - Loop

Classical loop with a naive feeling. Instruments used: staccato bass clarinet and english horn, oboe and castanets. Usable in video games, youtube, videos, advertising.

Woodwinds Intro

Classical intro with a touch of playfulness and perhaps a little silly, featuring clarinet, flute, contrabassoon, castanets, a sparkling sound in the beginning and roto toms. You can use it for video productions, film, movies, broadcasts, radio openers and other.


Sweet romantic classical music loop suitable for youtube, presentations, movies and television.

the pride of don pedro

by Ionics
A flamenco piece. Starts with a mellow guitar solo. An acoustic recording with real castanets player and clapping.

Little Cowboys

A cute instrumental with a light Western theme heightened by trumpets and castanets. Great for childrens programs, cartoons, animation, etc.A fun tune for cowboys and cowgirls!
Yann Keerim