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16 suspend emotion

Production Music suitable for documentaries, games, ads, web. Covering all music styles, Nikos Platyrachos has been producing music for films and commercials.

A tempting Emotion

Filled with tension and sorrow COmplement to despair Deep Atmos

Inspiring & Beautiful

Beautiful and Gentle Inspiring track with elegant and warm sound. Perfect background for Any Creative Video or Media Projects.

Inspiring Moment

Beautiful, inspiring, romantic and motivational music with warm and elegant sound. Perfect background for any Creative Video or Media Projects.

A Sense Of Wonder

Cinematic score with an ethereal piano intro that gradually turns into an emotional atmosphere with an epic, dramatic final section, with full orchestra and percussion. Great impact, very descriptive and evocative, a truly memorable soundtrack. Think of film trailers, inspiring landscapes, emotional...

Inspiring Light

Beautiful, calm and gentle inspirational track for any Creative Projects.

Cleansing the Spirit

Emotional and mysterious cinematic composition with haunting piano melodies accompanied by solo cello phrases and orchestral strings. Great for trailers, drama and suspense genre movies, documentaries and more


A sore, tender and emotional, understated piano piece, suitable for drama, loss, memories or bittersweet love stories. Orchestra and solo acoustic piano Thoughtful and romantic piece with piano, strings and bass. Sad and hopeful. Rainy day,


The track “Elevation” is a smooth uplifting cinematic track that would be great for stations like HBO, Showtime, Syfy, and Food Network etc… The instruments used in this track are synthesizers, pianos, and strings. Instrumental, Pop, Pop Music

Face the Enemy

Epic and heroic matrix inspired orchestral music with an electronic touch. Feel the cinematic tension and determination build up to a climactic end. Atmospheric intro with a haunting female voice, huge drums, majestic horns/brass at the end, dramatic and fast, hectic string sections and explosive pe...

Field Portrait

Very somber and sober mood, this orchestral underscore draws deep into the emotions and then flies away. Full orchestra with subtle piano throughout. Easily editable for short cues as well.

Heartbeat Of The Universe

If the universe had a pulse, this would be it. This is a highly atmospheric and yet versatile track, featuring different moods, from dark and mysterious to sweet and wondrous. There's even a rhythmic, faster section with a feel of urgency and anticipation. Three different 60 seconds version cover th...

Morning Sun

Soft and emotional Piano, supporting by shimmering ambiences. With its simple, minimalist, and warm chords, this track is beautiful and melancholic. Perfect for moments of love, family, and bittersweet goodbyes.


Soft and emotional Piano, supporting by shimmering ambiences. With its simple, minimalist, and warm chords, this track is beautiful and melancholic. Perfect for moments of love, family, and bittersweet goodbyes.

New Chapter

Filmscore/Cinematic. Sad, Dramatic, Peaceful/Calm, Sorrowful, Emotional. Strings, Piano. Drama. Touching, delicate and mellow, romantic piece. Classy acoustic piano. Love and relationship, eternal friendship, caring/caressing. Hopeful/Heartwarming, relax.

Remebering our grandfathers

Dignified, soft, proud and reflective cinematic piece. Emotional, soaring, and patriotic in a thoughtful, solemn way. Honor, dignity and reflection,end credits,Duty an Honor,

Rainbow Dancing

Light and rhythmic lounge music. Instruments: synth poly, synth lead, synth pad, synth bass, electronic drums. Perfect for presentations, slideshows, website background music and flash projects.


Laid back Spanish Guitar track full of passion and emotion. Features latin style percussion, rhythm and lead guitar. Great for travel, holiday and leisure, Spanish and Mexican themes. Instrumental, Latin, Flamenco


Like the gently warming rays of a sunrise, this track will lift your soul to a happy and thankful place. It features fingerpicked acoustic guitar with piano and strings.

Thomas Newman Adventure

American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Cinderella Man, Revolutionary Road. A distinctive poignant sound. Emotional, ambient style with piano, strings, french horns, blended with an ethereal pad bringing a deeply passionate dramatic underscore to your scene. Moving, heartfelt and atmospheric for drama. ...
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