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Alpha Mission (Weird Monk version)

A nervous / ennerving and pensive orchestral track with epic percussion. A sense of danger and urgency. Good for reality TV / rescue mission, international conflict, armed conflict, military missions, action drama and more. Somewhat heroic / valiant feel. The good guys triumph! A full choir enters t...


Science Ambient for technical animations like micro flights around the molecule, microscope close-up, medicine and presentations.

Percussion playground Loop

Sampled and synthesized percussion create a weird, funny and cool semi open atmosphere with some piano and vocal effects.

Cinematic flutestep

Flute Sample form back home in Mexico city. I produced the musical bed on top and cretaed this weird grey/green atmopsphere

Trip jazzy hop Loop

Weird vocal sampled drums in a jazzy, cool and weird atmosphere

No Limits

High Voltage Trailer Music with big and nasty modern sounds. Provides a lot of tension and energy. Great for Trailer, movies and presentations.

Angels Fly

Sweet and romantic cue, reflective, featuring a warm piano, highly cinematic. Great as drama relationship and love score. Something magic, ethereal is happening. Slow. Solo Piano edit, full track also available.


Naughty minimal electro with crazy voice samples, deep basses and a four the floor beat. Perfect for club, lifestyle or fashion.

Now It Is The Time

Epic-menacing modern orchestral film score trailer featuring bizarre and disturbing string, brass, synth and SFX sounds, dubstep elements as well as a mysterious ethnic horn. Perfect for fantasy movies and games!

Push It Forward

Dark-exciting, slightly bizarre urban. Dramatic-menacing orchestral brass riff meets playful and hypnotic retro synths, mysterious SFX, a wobble bass and a groovy hip hop beat.

Spirit Caller

Deep, dark cavernous dwelling piece with ambient atmospheres, distant ocarina and pan flute, and deep guttural vocal chants. Sounds like an ethnic goth horror monster mystery soundtrack. Takes you to other worlds and beyond. Good for mystery, dark drama, documentary, horror, thriller, Gothic, travel...

Suspensful Theme var 1

Suspenseful and slightly dark electronic track.Driving synth-bass,rich,percussive beats and mysterious synth stabs set an anticipatory,nail biting mood.Something wicked is about to happen.

Suspensful Theme

Suspenseful authentic, spine-chilling suspense film music with full orchestra. With several tense passages, the cue builds and raises until reach a fantastic climax at the end. Foreboding, ominous, dangerous, powerful. Perfect for movie trailers, video games, horror, tension, thrillers, sci-fi.

Halloween Queen

by kubed
Spooky Halloween track, featuring synth-bells, pads, FX and percussions. Mysterious and ghostly atmosphere, a night in the old castle where the ghost of a dark queen lives. This track would work great for Halloween oriented videos, crime drama, spooky fun scenes.

Bring The Bomb

Energetic trap / hip hop mix with tight dubstep grooves, crazy synths, speech samples and nonchalant beats. Is toward the center extremely fat and with full of madness. Cool sound for youth, party, lifestyle and film.

Trap At Night

Deep and hypnotical Trap with Hip Hop influences. Great for Youth, Advertising, Lifestyle and Repots.


The title name is program! Modern EDM tinged with dubstep dancehall influencesvand a fast feeling. Does catchy, strong and young at the same time. Ideal for teenage and lifestyle, as well as fun sports and Motorcross.

Technologic Crop

Futuristic, modern and unique electro lounge with a sexy male vocal in the background. Catchy Synth chords and a smooth beat are surrounded by descreet vocal effects and electronic SFX. Great for technology, industry films, business and many more!


by kubed
This track creates an anticipatory mood,without being too dark.The synth,percussions and pads keep the listener to the edge of his sit.It can work well in reality shows,suspense building tv programs and dramatic scenes.

Happy Ride

by kubed
Quirky and funky track with an upbeat positive mood. Catchy flute licks combined with funky bass-lines, organ synths and cool & playful percussion beats. A fresh and exciting track, suitable for happy/fun tv shows, comedy scenes, smart commercials and children's tv programs.

The Other Side Of The Sun

Exciting-threatening film score with dramatic strings and cinematic effects. Great score for drama, mystery or suspense!
Yann Keerim