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Year of The Wizards

ID: 79976
Ferenc Hegedus / An eventful, lively and grand Adventure / Fantasy track with a sense o...

Oddity Jam

ID: 79833
Ferenc Hegedus / A somewhat strange and quirky, up-beat electro pop track with a cute a...

Out Laughing

ID: 79838
Ferenc Hegedus / A very silly track with laughing sounds and lots of vinyl scratching, ...

Pumpkin Army

ID: 79851
Ferenc Hegedus / A quirky, dark and staccato, almost broken-up piece of orchestral fant...

Magical Whirlwind

ID: 79530
Ferenc Hegedus / A busy, active, boisterous and somewhat playful orchestral / film scor...

Fairy Nightmare

ID: 78727
Ferenc Hegedus / A busy, whimsical and mischievous orchestral cue. Playful, but a bit n...


ID: 78514
Ferenc Hegedus / An orchestral / Cinematic cue with a growing, increasing intensity thr...

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Plotting A Plan (60-secs Version)

01:05 - ID: 60628
Lucid Dream Music / This is a 60sec version of Plotting A Plan.Intriguing, exciting, sprig...

Plotting A Plan

01:51 - ID: 60631
Lucid Dream Music / Intriguing, exciting, sprightly and dynamic composition featuring orch...

Discovery (60-secs Version)

01:06 - ID: 60478
Lucid Dream Music / This is a 60sec version of Discovery. Contemporary cinematic track wit...


02:08 - ID: 60483
Lucid Dream Music / Contemporary cinematic track with an intriguing, exciting and dynamic ...

Mosquito Sound

00:04 - ID: 60178
Andrei Vladulescu / Sound of a mosquito or some fly or insect. Suitable for movies, film, ...

Flappers Ball

02:25 - ID: 59603
Dominik Hauser / BPM 190 - A fun upbeat 1920’s tune that’s a little on th...

The Queen Of Mardi Gras

02:00 - ID: 59612
Dominik Hauser / BPM 204 - a fun upbeat dixieland tune that’s a little on the co...

The Roaring Twenties

02:53 - ID: 59613
Dominik Hauser / BPM 180 - A fun upbeat 1920’s tune that’s a little on t...

Kids Festival

01:03 - ID: 59575
Christian Krauss / Childishly playful film score accompanied by motivating and positive s...

Failed Joke Wah Wah Wah

00:05 - ID: 58606
Andrei Vladulescu / Sound that plays after failing to tell a joke, or telling a bad one, i...

High Class Night

02:20 - ID: 58558
Manuel Ochoa / Happy music, graceful and optimistic. This music will be great for pos...

Don't stop Moving

01:49 - ID: 58508
Manuel Ochoa / Retro, old jazzy piano music track. Old style piano playing, very rhyt...

Funny Bubble Click

00:01 - ID: 58424
Andrei Vladulescu / This is a funny button sound, like popping a bottle. Suitable for game...
Yann Keerim