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Lucky Disco Funk

Modern disco funk tune with a groovy beat, crisp bass and driving funk guitar.

Shaking in Harlem - Full Song

Get your piece of the famous Internet meme with this sound-alike track. “Shaking in Harlem” features ultra-low bass, quick rolling snares, and the unmistakable crazy synth sounds.


Fun and upbeat indie rock track with rich strings and powerful backbeat. Hip branding or reality TV would benefit from this track! Instrumental, Sound-Alikes Music, The Strokes Soundalikes

Solar Flare

Great for an 80s club scene, party atmosphere. A grooving disco-inspired tune with staccato electric guitars, classic dance beat (real drums, not drum machine vibe), and melodic flourishes. Tight harmonized guitar solos.

Bounty Hunter

Twangy electric guitar driven soundtrack that combines retro rock, classic surf and spaghetti western music styles together. Evokes a gritty and edgy, intense atmosphere. Builds to a dynamic chorus section. Features human whistling, tremolo baritone guitars, chimes, bass, drums and percussion.

Jingle Bells

Upbeat, fun and playful version of an all time Christmas favorite that features quirky instrumentation over a happy bouncing oom-pah beat. With a bright and cheery, zany mood, this festive holiday song captures the joy and spirit of the merry Yuletide season. Good for kids of all ages.

Rainbow Antique

Easy listening piece great for family or relational scenes, children, grandparents, and celebrating each other. Marimba, pizzicato strings, cello, bass, bells, staccato strings, tubular bells, and light percussion are used in this composition.

I Have Changed

"I've Changed". Piano driven track that is light and positive. Hornsby, Winston sound-alikes. Orchestrated strings and bells surround this beautiful theme. Cheers type theme sitcom music. Use in a romantic comedy, or cheerful scene in a movie. Playful and full of innocence. Loving life and the momen...

Blown Away

High energy track with horns and great drums. Incorporate modern synth sounds within a funk style and you've got a great original sound. Could be used for sports theme, or Oceans type soundtrack. Confident and proud. Gaming. Flavor of a comedic spy movie. dance-like.

la cantine

A short quickstep / swing jazz tune with clarinet melody. Sortof a sound-alike of the Cantina music track from Star Wars.Great for intro screens, commercials, comedy, animal antics, etc.
Yann Keerim