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Racing Drive Breakbeat Loop

An electronic groovy moving breakbeat loop with a lot of bite and rhythm.

Rock The House

Modern and drifting rock music with kicking drums, energetic synths and dirty distorted guitars. Perfect for sports, fashion, lifestyle and energetic, powerful scenes.

Push The Limits

Powerful and modern rock breakbeat with drifting drums, distorted drums and cracy guitars. Great for sports, action, powerful pictures and racing.

Adrenalin Shot

Intense pop dance track with electric guitar and powerful drum arrangement. Cool sound for the next sports project, documentaries and many more.

Big Brassi Underground (Instrumental)

Nasty urban Trap with mighty brasses, exciting synth and a modern trap beat. Perfect for urban lifestyle, youth scenes, nightlife, party and sports.

Big Brassi Underground (Full Mix)

Nasty urban Trap with mighty brasses, exciting synths, deep raps and an modern trap beat. Perfect for urban lifestyle, youth scenes, nightlife, party and sports.

Full Power

Powerful modern metal with big cinematic drums and fast playing synth lines. Great music for sports, action, lifestyle and racing.


A high energy, action sports rock track with electric guitars, driving percussion and synth elements. Great for sports competitions, trailers, games, promos, podcasts, chase scenes and projects that needs a dramatic, dynamic soundtrack.

Sport News

Modern, energetic and powerful background music. Perfect for sport, news, openings and videos.

Serious Technologies

Dirty electro breakbeat with noisy drums, pulsating synths and dubstep elemts. Great for fashion, sport and themes about technology.

Action Epic Determination

High energy orchestral epic action with monolithic powerful sound & groove. Works fine to communicate strength and determination to achieve a goal or in facing dangers: uplifting epic background or sport, action, heroic chase scenes. Action-packed adventures, sports, racing, running, impact.

Electro Pop Uplifting Dance Energy

High growing energy electro-pop without invasive lead melodies. Great for an uplifting grooving background or sport / fun scenes. Action-packed adventures, sports competitions, racing, running, with a powerful driving high-energy impact. Corporate, commercials, presentation.

Speed And Sport

Drifty electro track with pulsating synth and a straightforward beat. Sounds fresh, young and uplifting. Great track for sports, snowboarding and racing themes.

The Last Fight

Energetic cinematic track with an exciting and powerful vibe. Monumental huge epic choir, combined with distored synths, brasses and big energetic cinematic drums. Perfect for games, battle scenes, fighting and as trailersong.
Yann Keerim