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On the radio

Energy, Life, Reality, Tv, Fun, Funky, Life, Reality, Tv, Contemporary, lounge, smooth, sexy, jazzy, funky, Changing, Chillout, cool, Funky, guitar, piano, solo, jazzfunk, beach, sea, enjoy, background music, sports, hiking, vacation, vacations uplifting, mood, moody, sea

radio morocco

An exotic, mysterious and haunting track that blends middle-eastern and western instrumentswith a steady mid-tempo beat. A duduk plays an Arabian sounding melodythat evokes a worldly atmosphere. With dulcimer, strings, bass and drums.

Rock out no radio fx

A down and dirty, groovy mid-tempo rocker. Determined, cool andconfident. Great for sports footage, racing, commercials and much more.Classic live rock sound with a slight retro feel.

Radio Ugly

An upbeat song with a dirty feel up front, and a high energy guitar line all the way through. Some strange radio signals Hi quality Production

Famous Inspiration

by nazar
New original, atmospheric, emotional music. Great track for video presentations, documentaries, movie trailers , video games, soundtrack, home collections. Best music for the background, film, radio, television, movies, video, games, tv ad.

Different Places

by nazar
Tell her you love her without actually using the words. This track has a lovely piano rhythm, it’s a easy listening song that will compliment any romantic story, or any positive, inspirational media projects. Let the one you love know about your feelings for her. This track will suit ...

Emotions Pack

Emotions – this is my track with positive and joyful mood in the style of indie rock. The track sounds powerful drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitar as well as piano solo part. A similar sound from groups Keane, Snow Patrol and others. This music is perfect for your work – corpora...

Acoustic Elevation

by nazar
It's a cheerful and happy track that will sure fit many needs like childish piece for TV adverts, radio jingles, videos, photo slideshows, etc. Includes instruments such as kalimba, violins, bells, piano, ambient pad and bass guitar.

Clear Blue Acoustic Memories

by nazar
Our special day is a purely piano track, totally laid back, can be used for wedding videos and slideshows or for any special day. This would also make a great background music track for a storyteller on radio and would be great for TV ads promoting special occasions.

Fresh Start (Acoustic Corporate Motivation)

Uplifting corporate & commercial music with acoustic guitar, drums and piano. It is suitable for various media including business promos, corporate branding and campaigns, inspiring motivational videos and optimistic advertisements where feelings of success, hope and determination are needed.

Ready to Rock

An energetic and modern alternative rock track with soaring electric guitar riffs, powerful drums, and a catchy hook! Perfect for a variety of media productions including sports, advertisements/commercials, youtube videos, tv themes, credits and more. It has a mid-90s alternative Pearl Jam meets Mus...

Smooth Motivation

An uplifting, mellow, upbeat and motivating background track with modern indie pop vibes similar to artists like Ellie Goulding. Not overly bright, boomy nor distracting so it should sit well in most productions. Perfect for any projects including corporate motivational, advertising, business promo,...

Motivational Anthem

An inspiring, uplifting and motivating track perfect for motivational and corporate videos, productions, slideshows etc. Includes crunchy and juicy delayed electric guitars, acoustic guitar, piano, ambient synths, bass and drums and grows with more feelings of hope and inspiration as the song evolve...

Catchy Upbeat Fun

Motivating, catchy, modern trendy upbeat track with a slight retro vintage vibe. Perfect for commercials, advertisements, youtube videos, radio promos, corporate videos, company branding and more. Features rhythmic bass, funky synth and rhodes melodies along with crunchy electric guitar and energeti...

Cinematic Corporate

A motivational inspiring track with piano and strings. Ideal for inspirational commercials, advertising, radio and business promotions, corporate presentations, company branding, film, slide shows, and much more. Conveys positive feelings of hope, success, accomplishment, achievement, inspiration...

Indie Rock Commercial

Motivational, uplifting, fun and inspiring background music track for any and all media projects, corporate productions, commercials and advertisements, radio, youtube and more!

Bright Future

An inspiring, uplifting and motivating corporate track. Begins with electric guitar and drums and grows with more feelings of hope and inspiration as piano, acoustic guitar and strings come in. Perfectly suited for corporate media and motivational videos, advertisements, business and marketing p...

Beautiful Ambition

A motivational inspiring track with piano, strings, and percussion. Ideal for inspirational commercials, advertising, radio and business promotions, corporate presentations, company branding, film, slide shows, and much more. Conveys positive feelings of hope, success, accomplishment, achievement...

Romantic Slideshow Background

by nazar
The piano is the basis of melody, the orchestra underscores the basic instrument. Dreamy melody. The tragic and epic. Intresting for cinema use, or something beautiful. It maybe a cartoon, video of the game. Maybe a love story.

Corporate Sonar

by nazar
Beautiful innocent piano melody surrounded with orchestration and percussion. Romance, loving, care, caring, soft, past, thinking, contemplating, reflecting, passionate, heroic, hero, heart, saving, save, protect, forgive, forgiveness, religion, peaceful, nice, sweet, young, retirement, retired...

Too Hot

by hawkey
A laid back, gritty solo electric guitar playing bluesy slide music.
Yann Keerim