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Essential Gadgets for Beginners Travel Vloggers

by Chance Bulger

“I was surprised, as always, by how easy the act of leaving was, and how good it felt. The world was suddenly rich with possibility. “

For decades, Jack Kerouac has inspired people all around the world to start a life on the road. Explore the unknown, meet and share stories, live new cultures. Today, travel vloggers do the same thing and with the advance of technology devices, it has never been easier to document a life of travels and adventure.

Traveling Vlogging has become one of the main channels of entertainment on Youtube. The feeling of intimacy in accompanying these travelers of the world is not something that is always a possibility in the traditional travel channels and networks. Not convinced? Just follow the adventures of youtubers like FunForLouis, Devin Super Tramp and Mr. Ben Brown.

Their communities are so engaged that often when visiting a certain city, whether in South America or Asia, their fans make it a point to meet them to share stories and live for a few minutes in their videos.

If your life on the road is about to begin, documenting your adventures can be an important source of information for other people. In addition to being connected with the world, you will become part of a community where you will be able to give tips to other travelers, report interesting facts and document your experiences for the rest of your life. Not sure how to get started? You’d better read on, then…



With a good smartphone and a camera that is lightweight, have a good battery life, a good audio and video quality, compatibility with other electronic equipment, is compact and have a flip screen you will be prepared to start recording your adventures.

Smartphones are a great choice for shooting any spontaneous event just by taking away the main tool of your everyday use out of your pocket. For 2017, the list of best camera phones are:


  • Iphone 7 Plus – Best zoom camera phone. It provides a true 2x optical zoom unlike other phones which have to resort to digital enhancement.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 – with dual-pixel sensor, this phone is the best smartphone shooters available. The technology allows the S7 to latch on to two to three times faster than other phones.
  • Google Pixel – Best phone for HDR. Vibrant colors and dynamic range that will deliver well-exposed details.

A smartphone, however, does not replace the power and quality of images shot with a professional camera. As a travel vlogger, you should always be updated with the latest techs on the market, looking for compact cameras, with great memory capacity, good battery life and especially, versatility.


The Canon G7X Mark II is an incredibly compact and lightweight camera that can fit in your pocket or any backpack. This camera is a great hit for vloggers all around the world and is a must have for travelers. It includes Optical Image Stabilization, flip screen and 1.8f lens.

A Go Pro camera is essential for anyone embarking on a sporting adventure.The GoPro Hero3 is a great choice to record your every move. With a weight of 74 grams and waterproof capabilities up to 60 meters, it’s your extreme sports camera. You better keep this one in your backpack.


Relying only on your camera’s microphone may not be the best idea at certain times of your trip. Most cameras have a built-in mic, so a lot of people tend to think that this is enough to start recording a good video. These types of microphones are usually on the consumer level. which means, they’re low quality. It’s not just that their sound is not clear, but rather they capture every single sound around you. They are noisy and can not discriminate any sound. Investing in a small and good microphone can be essential for many occasions of your travels.

Meeting interesting people along the way will give you the chance to chat with them and find interesting stories that can be shared in your videos, with their consensus of course. Sitting in a cafe and chatting with your new friends may require a good and compact microphone.

A good microphone will also give you the ability to record the street’s sounds and music you’ll listen along the way. With these recordings you will be able to create a unique atmosphere of your experiences in your future editions.


Want to shoot those cinematic scenes for your videos? A tripod is the fundamental accessory to achieve these results. For travelers, taking into consideration the functionality, weight and size of the tripod are fundamental before choosing which model to buy.

Travel tripods offers a lightweight form factor that lessens both payload weights and carrying fatigue while offering much of the functionality of a full-size tripod.

Another tripod model that is also a great investment is the Joby Gorilla Pod as it is multi functional for all types of photographers, videographers and YouTubers. What makes it so versatile is its style legs that can be molded and attached to pretty much any surface. A tree, a rock in the mountains or even a window of any place in which you are spending the day.


Editing your videos should not be a stressful job for your travel channel. In this way, choosing a laptop with multifunctionality and that provides good editing programs is fundamental to the beginning of your work.

There are many reasons why Youtubers prefers MacBooks for their daily vlogs. It has a friendly interface, great battery life, quick performance lighting and great software for editing. The MacBook Pro fills all of these skills.

Even though the MacBook Air is lighter and thinner, you still get outstanding performance with it. If you do not plan on doing any heavy editing of 4K videos, then this should really cope with general editing, surfing the web, photoshop and so on.


Many people forget how important memory storage is for vloggers. For travel vloggers then, it’s critical! You will be recording content for hours. The amount of recorded images can often exceed the limit of your camera memory and storing sporadically on a hard drive is the best option.

Carrying a hard drive may not always seem so important when you are packing your backpack. However, there are more compact hard drive options on the market that are worth getting into your luggage.

Another option is to make a stock of SD Cards. They may have less memory than hard drives of 1T or more, however, they are extremely compact and can handle the large files being saved on any given time. This way, you will not have to choose between deleting or not a travel footage, but always save and tag on your SD Cards.




“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” Jack Kerouac, On The Road.

Now that you are aware of the essential gadgets for starting your travel vlog, put some inspiring books in your backpack, a good road map, and start exploring the world through lenses and devices. Write and share your stories by inspiring others and engaging in a community that grows every day on the web. And as always, if you are up to some great music for your travelling videos, listen to our music library!



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Author: Chance Bulger

Writer, blogger based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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