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Using music in your mobile app

by Chance Bulger

Planning and creating an app is just the beginning of any mobile action. With so many apps available for free, your app should have something that catches your user’s attention or your efforts will not bring great results.   With more than 4 billion smartphone users worldwide and more than 1.5 million apps on the Google Play store and the Apple Store, making your app different and unique is essential to reaching more users.

Do you have a great idea for developing a global mobile app? Great, but how are you going to build it? What are the most important factors to consider before creating an app? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when you are creating an app.

Getting people to download your app is already a big challenge. Getting them to continue accessing your content depends on a set of factors ranging from the app’s primary appearance to the little details that most developers let pass, such as the use of sounds and background music.

Want to increase your chances of success with the applications market?

Here’s a list of tips we’ve prepared for you:

Getting started

Step 1: Have an idea or problem to resolve:

If you want to create an application, but do not have an idea of ​​what to do, think as follows: what you really need to solve with your application are problems, and they are everywhere! Think of a possibility in the real world for your app to be valid and to provide value to people.

Step 2: Identify the real needs

To validate the real need of other users in the real world, you can use the Google tool, Keyword Planner, which will help you define the niche of people looking for what you are trying to do. You can also create a page that highlights your idea of ​​an app for the purpose of searching for interested users (perhaps even through a “be a beta tester” campaign, or through a signup form). This will measure the amount of stakeholders.

Step 3: Define the features of the application

Measuring the interest of users in your application also means analyzing which people want to use it and why. This is the time to detail the basic features of your product in a document, or you can go one step further by designing the visual part to identify how the application will be organized.

Be and look professional


  1. Take care of appearance

Does your app look good, or does it seem to be done with no care? Are the images good resolutions or are they blurry? Are the icons well designed and match each other? Believe: Before reading any line of text your user will judge the quality of your app from the images they find.


  1. Write correctly

Just as you take care of the design of your app, you should be concerned about the spelling in your texts. Even if your app does not have so many long texts, checking the correct use of the words is of fundamental importance to the credibility of your application before the users.


  1. Constant Updates

Would you pay for a newspaper of last week? No one likes old news. It does not matter if the person is reading a newspaper, website or application. Make your app useful and current; otherwise it loses its function. Add new information, news and videos depending on the purpose of your app. Do whatever it takes but do not leave the app with the same old face!


  1. Relevant content

Offer decent content to people. This makes you seen as professional in any area. Even in the mobile world! People notice when their content is weak. Do not try to play your audience with unnecessary content or they will push a button and delete your app forever. Sometimes it will be difficult to escape the temptation to produce any content just so you do not fail to update your app.

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Find the perfect music for your app

One of the biggest differences that your app will have is the sound and music used. At we have a library with thousands of Royalty Free Tracks for the most diverse apps.   Our tracks can be used in both Free Mobile Apps and Paid Mobile Apps, respecting our prices licenses.

The most popular categories of Apps in mobile stores are games, photo and video and entertainment. However, there are dozens of other categories that your app can fit: shopping, travel, kids, education, sports, lifestyle, gastronomy, medicine and music.

For each of these categories, you should keep in mind a development strategy and think of every detail that will be part of creating and using your application, with music and sound effects being used as one of the most important factors.


One big search that is commonly done on Google is “How to listen to music while playing on my iPhone?” This shows the discontent of players not having a nice song during the game. Some of them do not even have background music, which can discourage players.

You should keep in mind that music is an important psychological factor for motivation in matches and games.   The diversity of games available in app stores nowadays is immense. And if you are a mobile gaming developer you know the importance of finding the perfect background music for your game app.   Songs like “Destiny and Honor“, “Darklands” and “Animal Kingdom” are perfect for epic medieval adventure games. Now if your game is set in space, containing spaceships and related facts, tracks like “Space Explorer” and “Cinematic Space Attack” are ideal.

Exercises and Lifestyle

Applications of exercise, yoga and meditation are great successes in the mobile world nowadays. The search for a healthier lifestyle in a routine of work and stress makes more and more people seek this type of app to have a lighter and calmer life.   Choosing the ideal meditation music and tracks for Yoga exercises will not be difficult in our library. We have a dedicated category for relaxation and Reiki songs. Some examples are “Meditation Heavens (No Flute)“, “Groovy Meditation” and “Indian Dreamweaver

For exercise apps, which are very successful in the apps market, good motivational music is essential to get the attention and motivation of your users in the exercises. Remember that they will be doing this on their own and an app without motivational music for exercises will not have much success. In our library you will find tracks like “Upbeat Energetic Dance” and “A Day of Joy“.


Food channels are a great hit on Youtube. The ability to give simple and quick information and recipes arouses the interest of people of all ages around the world. That’s why more and more recipes apps are being lunched in online stores. They can range from simple written recipes to well-crafted and produced videos to apps.   How about adding songs that match your recipes over the videos?

In our library it will not be difficult to find the ideal music for your recipe videos. Are you teaching a recipe for Japanese cuisine? Use the song “Kingdom of the Japanese” to create the perfect atmosphere. Are you making an Indian recipe video? Add background music like “Indian Market” to give the perfect mood to your video.

Kids and Children

Educational apps for infants and toddlers are a great success for psychological and motor development in the early years of life. That’s why many parents are buying iPads and tablets for their children. The variety of children-oriented applications goes beyond games.

They can teach color, numbers and even the beginning of literacy. It is ideal for these types of app music and sound effects that arouse the interest and imagination of children.   In our Kids, Children category you will find an immense variety of songs that will be ideal for educational apps for kids. Such as: “DayLight“, “Children Playground” and “Beautiful Morning Sunrise“.   In our Sound Effects library, you’ll also find lots of possibilities for your educational apps. Like sounds of animals, nature and toys. The possibilities for creating and improving your app will be immense.

No matter what the purpose of your app, the ideal music for your production is on In addition to being one of the most important differentiating features for the development of your application, the tracks and sound effects will be essential to capture the attention of your user, gain new customers and, above all, make them return to your application.

Author: Chance Bulger

Writer, blogger based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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