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What makes a good Podcast

by Chance Bulger

There are so many successful podcasts available for you to listen to, in any niche that you desire. However, some people have the desire to create. Which is a great idea that can open up a world of possibilities for you. However, this must be done correctly.

Here are our top 6 tips for creating a successful and rewarding podcast.

Excellent Sound

Nobody wants to listen to a scratchy sounding, poor volume audio clip! This will turn people off right away! The best way to make sure you have the right sound, is to have the right equipment and audio editing tools. It’s important to research the best options within your price range.

The easiest way to lose any momentum, is to turn people away by having a terrible listening experience.

Niche Down and Be the Best

There is lots of competition in the podcast world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t carve out your own following on the internet. Whatever your hobby, interest or knowledge is in, there is sure to be other with that exact same interest.

Use this to your advantage. Look up each topic you might want to start a podcast around and see what the competition is like.



No one wants you to waste their time, you will find this happens in a lot of long form media like a podcast. Some Podcasters will drag on a topic of conversation for too long or have a monotone tone. Be informative, engaging, and lively.

This will have people tune in week after week and will have them excited to share it with others in the community, as now they have something worth listening to on their favorite topic.

Be Everywhere

The easiest way to have an unsuccessful podcast, is to never have anybody listening. Luckily, there are tons of platforms willing to host your podcast that already have millions of people on them that could be potential listeners. Platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and many more allow you to host on their website. However, this can be tedious. There are several websites that actually allow you to upload once, and they will post to all of the platform. Check out for an example.

Promoting your podcast on facebook could also be a good way to grow your audience. Check out our article on promoting your art on facebook!

Jingle All the Way

Do you notice that every successful television show, radio program or even Youtube channel has an opening Jingle or Song? Do you ever notice yourself singing or humming along to this music? An opening Jingle is a perfect way to make your podcast seem way more professional and allows it to be more engaging with the user. They will get a comforting feeling hearing the opening track they are familiar with when they tune in every week. This is one of the key steps into really branding your podcast.

However, you cannot use or steal others copyrighted content. The days of just picking your favorite song and making that your opening music are over. You must be the rights owner. This allows you to stand clear of copyright claims.

The best way to go about this, is to use a website where you can buy the full usage rights to an audio track and then use it free of worry for every one of your episodes. You can do that through our website

The Perfect Length

It is important to pick an appropriate length for your podcast. What’s too long? What’s too short? Podcasts are a long-term form of audio, so if you were thinking of recording for 5 minutes, think again! On the other side, viewers will stop listening and become disengaged if your podcast is too long.

You’ll want to keep your podcasts between 15-30 Minutes. This is perfect for making an episode full of info, and not boring the listener. People will also know it’s not a huge time commitment to listen to your podcast. Which can be a benefit.

Have Fun

Ultimately, if you are not enjoying recording your podcast, then why are you doing it? The listener will also feel that you are disengaged with the podcast, and this will start to eat away at your quality content. Choose a topic you love, have co-hosts that you love talking with. If you are genuinely satisfied and excited, your listener will be as well. Hopefully these tips will make your podcast an authority in your market and a booming success!

Author: Chance Bulger

Writer, blogger based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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