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How to advertise your music using Facebook Ads

by Chance Bulger

Currently, being out of Facebook is unforgivable for a musician who wants to grow their business and become known. Most fans use social media as the primary channel for communicating with artists and closely follow fan page publications. If you do not meet this expectation, surely many others are fulfilling (and therefore attracting potential fans).

Even with all the importance that Facebook has, it must be stressed that the organic reach, that is, how many people you can reach for free with your publications, has been drastically reduced for some time.

Facebook claims that this was influenced by two factors: the increase in the number of publications on the social network and the functioning of the news feed, which presents users with only what they consider most relevant to them, based on the history of tastings and interactions.

Of course, not everything is lost, and there’s an option for you to strengthen your presence on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network: it’s Facebook Ads, which enables you to create pay-per-click ads and push publications to make them seen by more people.

Why invest in Facebook Ads?

If ever, throughout your career of advertising your music, a friend, relative or coworker told you that you should not invest in Facebook Ads, know that he is completely mistaken.

It is very likely that the argument used by them is related to companies that are not having a return on their investments in Facebook, but this goes totally against the more than 1 million companies that invest about 8 million dollars in Facebook ads per year! Between 2010 and 2015, there was an incredible growth of 680% in all the investment directed to Facebook Ads.

Now you might be wondering: what sets up companies and artists who have not been able to make a return on their investments from the more than 1 million companies that constantly invest in ads on the social network Facebook? The answer is relatively simple: the quality of the campaign.

You may be accustomed to marketing your music on Facebook; sharing links, backstage photos, live videos and getting your fans engaged. But if you want to reach a larger audience and increase your Facebook followers, this process can be slow.

If that is your goal, paying to advertise on Facebook is a great option.

What is Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is Facebook’s paid media system that offers a wide variety of ad formats. It’s extremely effective thanks to the various targeting options available to advertisers, which leads to the highest number of conversions.

Facebook Ads is today one of the most efficient paid media for Digital Marketing. Your ads have a wide variety of formats for the campaign, not just text. This gives you greater possibilities for conversion according to your audience.

Additionally the power of Facebook Ads targeting is huge and you can drill down to the tool the profile of the audience you want to reach.

Creating Video Ads

Promoting your Facebook page is very important as you are noticing by this article. To gain even more attention on this social network, making a video ad by Facebook is an extremely effective way to win more fans. Nowadays, on Facebook it is very simple to make Video Ads.

Do you have a very well-produced video and in which your music is sounding extremely good? Do not waste time and promote this video on Facebook. It’s really very simple.In your fan page, upload your video and be sure to make a creative description and tell your fans a bit about your story. After that, promote the video by clicking on Boost Post. There you can target your audience and promote your video more effectively.

Targeting Your Audience and Using Facebook Pixels

Have you noticed that after you visit some websites, you start seeing their ads on Facebook? This is called retargeting or remarketing. Those websites use Facebook’s retargeting technology, commonly known as Facebook Pixel. The pixel retargeting does not add anything visible on your website. It simply sends a browser cookie to your visitors. This allows Facebook to retarget users visiting your website on Facebook.

First, you need to login to your Facebook account and visit Ads Manager. Next, click on Tools »Pixels to create your Facebook pixel.

When you click on the create pixel button, it will show you a popup. Simply enter a name for your pixel which will be the name of your business or product, and then press the create button to continue.

Facebook will now show you the Pixel code that you need to install on your WordPress site. Simply copy the code, and we will show you how to install it in WordPress.


facebook pixel music


Promoting your music to the masses is easier than it ever was. In the age of social media, you’re a few clicks away from putting your music in front of thousands – maybe even millions – of new ears.

Before you start focusing on getting new fans, you have to give a little bit of love to your longest-serving audience. If people showed enough interest to enjoy your Facebook page, they probably listen to your music; it’s this group of fans that should be your first target.

You can use your Facebook ads to focus on existing fans, so why not create a special promotion for them? You can offer your most recent album or merchandise at a discount. This is a great way to reward your fans and keep them coming back for more.


Here are some ways you can use Facebook advertising to focus on new audiences:

  1. Is there a song being played by local radio? Make an ad that focuses on this region;
  1. Are you getting ready for a show in a city? Focus on music fans (who have expressed an interest in your musical style) in this region;
  1. Discover the main interests of your fans, and try to focus your ads on people who share those hobbies and interests;
  1. You’ve been connected to another famous band (eg. “This artist is like a modern Mick Jagger”)? Include that phrase in your ad and focus on Rolling Stones fans, and music fans from the same era.

With Facebook Ads you can create various types of audience targeting: by age, location, interests, and other options. This targeting allows you to reach out to potential fans to present your music.

If, for example, you’re releasing a different song and targeting a different audience than usual, you just need to set targeting based on the age, location, and interests of those new fans you’re targeting. Audience targeting, when set correctly, helps you reach exactly the people you want, and of course, allows more social network users to know your music.

For example, you can define your audience as 25-50 year old women with full college education who identify with fashion trends and reside in the regions of New York, California, and Florida to have their ads appear For people who have this profile, because these people will have a greater predisposition to click on your ads and, consequently, become your fans.



Make a campaign for Likes

It’s not just the ads that appear in the column to the right of the Facebook page that can be used to promote your music.

Facebook has the latest ads, such as Sponsored Stories (sponsored stories) and Promoted Posts, two alternative ways to increase the reach of your content and make your professional profile grow. One of the best ways to use these paid options is by using a Promoted Post to make the release of your music and EP public.

A Promoted Post is a normal Facebook post that the user pays to gain prominence in the feed of those who do not like your page. This means that fan friends can see your update and help your message reach more people.

To get the most out of it, use great pictures, interesting text and a flashy call. Focus on what makes you as an artist stand out and get people’s attention. Make it easy for people to get access to your EP by directing them straight to iTunes, Amazon or your site.

Promote your Youtube Channel

If you already have a Youtube channel where you present your songs, shows and even videos recorded at home, you’re already halfway there. Having a Youtube channel is essential to getting more attention from your listeners and attracting new fans. However, without promoting your channel, few people will be aware of it.

In this way, it is also essential to promote your Youtube channel. Invest in good video production and a quality sound editing and post the video on your Facebook. After that, just make a campaign to promote your channel and get even more views for your music.

If you want as many people as possible listening to your song and knowing about your carer, you need to do more than a few shows in your area. By going to the internet and making the best use of ads on Facebook, you can increase your chances of being heard to larger audience.

Author: Chance Bulger

Writer, blogger based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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