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Jimmi's Spangled Banner

My own version of The Star Spangled Banner played in the style of Jimmi Hendrix's now legendary Woodstock appearance will work as an excellent replacement. Did you know they actually had to dub the cheering onto the Woodstock album track, because everyone was struck dumb & forgot to clap? amazing!

Silver Clouds

Piano & orchestral strings combine to create the most lushly dramatic & inspiring touching motivating piece of music. Starting with delicate piano, & building, adding layer after layer of cellos, violins, brasses & heavenly angelic women's choir, this music will take your breath away. inspirational,...


Romantic, lush & ethereal piano & orchestral composition. A lushly dramatic & inspiring touching & motivating piece of music. Starting with delicate piano & gently building adding layers of cellos, violins, & brasses, embellished by heavenly manipulated organic textures, this music will take your br...

Sex Casino

Modern funky electro dance pop. Really contemporary & cool high energy beat driven dance tune which will suit soundtracking entertainment news programmes, current affairs & music shows, and & a TV commercial or spot perfectly. Very red carpet, very fashion & very 2013. Sounds like Daft Punk, LMFAO,...

Wet Sand

Gorgeous lilting deceptively simple piano melody which is gradually joined by swelling orchestral strings. This is an ode to love & deep emotion, and conveys a real serenity & peace with love & life. Becoming more euphoric & spiritual, it gently builds to an ethearal & moving climax. Heavenly. So...

Glass Sky

A delicate, gorgeous, luxurious dramatic piece featuring real grand piano & orchestral strings.. Both modern & classy, it conveys optimism & strength, a confident purpose, & driving forward. Will work well as part of a film score & will backdrop corporate & training footage & presentations perfectly...

Superfly Funker

Super cool Super fly funk drenched hip-hop work out with funk guitars, flutes, Rhodes piano. Fender Jazz Bass and loops and beats. If you are looking for something strutty and old skool influenced this is for you! Even has octave synth warbles. I can imagine Huggy Bear cruising along to this one wit...

Driving Forward

Beautiful emotional dramatic piano & orchestra piece - sounds a little like Brian Eno, or Moby's 'God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters'. Starting out with an ethereal echoing piano & gradually introducing strings & orchestra, building & driving to a moving & powerful climax. Spiritual & heavenly. ...

Elastic Sexy Bass

Super cool, catchy, funky, double bass & cool hip-hop infused drum loop with finger clicks brings to mind super cool basketball players and sportsman on the court show-boating & doing their thing, like the Harlem Globetrotters. Would be fantastic for a TV commercial, & Works as TV movie theme, comme...

An Ocean Of Light

My tribute to the Coldplay Song 'Charlie Brown' from their all conquering album Mylo Xyloto also sounds like U2, Keane, Bon Jovi & Bruce Springsteen - huge, anthemic, joyous & uplifting, with giant guitars, soaring synths, rocking drums & heart-melting strings. Inspiring, stadium-sized modern rock -...
Yann Keerim