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A Pirate Song

Song about courageous sailing pirates. Proud, triumphant and adventurous, just like pirates are. Perfect for scenes with soldiers, warriors, sailors or similar themes.

In The Blue Light

A spooky, scary track with lots of orchestral hits. Building up tension with sounds that give you goosebumps. Also has electronic pulsating bass sounds which create a creepy mood. Unbelievable ambiances and reverbs.

Field Of Goats

Very rhythmic percussive song combined with nice harmonies.

Feel The Sand

Slow, soft and tender song with a wonderful delicate female tender voice. Perfect combination for a scene with tears or sad emotions. Also good cue for dreamy, heavenly or loving themes which need to strike you in the heart.

The Break-Up

Romantic, weeping classical track about a break-up in a relationship. Contains very nice parts on strings, horn section, tympani, glockenspiel, harp and piano. Emotional, heartwarming, tragic and simply beautiful.

Into The Mist

Dark and suspenseful track, building up tension first with scary soundscapes and electronic sounds, then with a fast orchestral beat until the climax comes and you get sucked back into the mist...Very dynamic and all elements and instruments are worked out very fine.

The Lost Son

Almost 10 minute long track with suspenseful, ambient and tragic elements.

Returning Home

Very moving slow song, a bit sad but with hope. Suited for Irish or Scottish themes, beautiful melody played on an Uilleann pipe: the characteristic national bagpipe of Ireland.

Battle Stations

The sci-fi battle stations are ready for war, and this short track makes you feel they will conquer! Powerful percussion, epic melodies and a great horn section. Very suitable for an intro of a shooter videogame.

The Flashback

Dramatic five and a half minute song with different, dynamic elements. Styles ranging from western to drama to epic to peaceful.

The Last Stand

Rhythmic epic track with energetic, powerful pounding drums and percussion. Exciting, magnificent melodies from the symphonic orchestra part. Very suitable for scenes or games with warriors, battles, pirates, horses etc.

Highway Drive

A very energetic dance track, with in the middle a spacey bridge.

Soldier Or Hero

Very epic symphonic start, then the war begins and one brave soldier ends up fighting in modern warfare, accompanied by a catchy, raw rock tune with powerful chords in the end of the track. Highly suitable for a (shooter)game, intro, trailer or soundtrack.

Western Friend

Classic short western theme track. Main instrument is a trumpet accompanied by strings, snare drum, chimes and a choir. Would be perfect for a commercial or short clip which needs a bit of a 'western vibe'.

Feel The Vibe

Short happy mellow dance track. Cool introduction to anything you want.

Sunday Rush

Relaxed song with a nice piano loop, makes you want to chill! Happy atmosphere.

Night Attack

Special forces soldiers gear up to attack a hostile camp. They prepare silently, put everyone in place and wait for the smoke... than the signal is given and and these brave men won't stop for anybody...Courageous and epic, would fit in a war documentary or film, video game or trailer.

Soundgram Filmcue Compilation

Dynamic dramatic hybrid track with beautiful violin parts and epic orchestral moments.

The Way That You Move

Dance song with a catchy melody and cool sounds. Vocal driven. Late nineties early 2000's trance sound.
Yann Keerim