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A Magic Journey for christmas

A sweet, smooth and beautiful fantastic orchestral track, featuring celesta, glockenspiel, strings, oboe, clarinet, flute. A great track for animation, film, video-game, kid production and more.

Epic Waltz

A beautiful, playful, fresh and unique orchestral track featuring violin solo, cello solo, and celesta, getting this wonderful track for animation, video-games, film and TV shows.

A Better Tomorrow

An emotional and bright track, motivational and inspiring. A perfect choice if a great mood and deep feeling with a very positive energy is required.

Baby Monster

A beautiful, absolutely original, special and happy track featuring synthesizers, accordion, celesta, glockenspiel, and ukelele, getting to a great tune where childhood and bizarre sounds are together. A perfect track for animations, video-games and movies.

Corpora Jazz

This is a short jazzy funky tune with a cool mood, matching with corporate videos. Bass, guitars and synthesizers give a strong and energetic mood to this track full of groovy. Instrumental, Pop Music, Easy Listening


A very positive, uplifting and exciting track, emotional, and encouraging, where orchestra and rock ensemble are played together, creating this outstanding track. A perfect match for motivational, corporate, and business and movies applications.

Cool Jazz

A nice cool jazz tune, featuring, tuba, guitar, piano, drums, inspired on the fantastic ragtime music.

African Journey

A fantastic, festive and happy track with african voices, marimba, kalimba, double bass and latin and african percussion. A great track for any production where an ethnic and festive mood is required.

An Epic Battle

A very dramatic and upbeat orchestral track, full of strength and expressive force, with heavy percussion and brasses. A great track for trailers movies and video games.

Corporate Adventure

A very energetic and positive instrumental track, inspiring and positive.A great asset for any corporate video, movie and any video application where an exciting track is required.

Chande For Our Kids

A fantastic track for kids, featuring Afro-Colombian rhythms and percussion. A beautiful ethnic track for children.

Epic Persecution

A very exciting, dramatic and upbeat track full of the required energy for any movie or video game where a chasing scene or cinematic is played. A Full orchestra is played to get this epic tune.

Action in Epic

A very energetic, powerful, dramatic and exciting orchestral track, epic and heroic, with a very strong percussion.A perfect match for any epic product, either on video games, films, trailers or adverts.

Epic Battle

A very dramatic and upbeat orchestral track, full of strength and expressive force, with heavy percussion and brasses. A great track for trailers movies and video games.

Building our Future

A great and dynamic motivational track, playing drums, synthesizers, guitars, piano, strings and bass. A perfect track for any kind of motivational and corporate production.

Christmas Dreams

A smooth, calm and sweet track with some Christmas sound, it's a great asset for any audiovisual requiring soft and beautiful music.

Andean Journey

A track with a mystical sound from the American indigenous, featuring pan flutes and winds from the Aborigine tradition. A perfect track when a mystical and mysterious mood is required in ads, promos, films and video games.

Cool and Fresh Corporate

A very nice, fresh and cool jazzy track, playing vibraphone, guitars, drums, double bass, whistle and voice. A great tune for ads, web products, corporate and business applications, etc.

Epic Romance

This orchestral piece gets the dramatic energy and tender of an epic love. Strings and brasses get the strength to lead to a very effective, and a bit sad and dramatic end.

Epic Trailer

A very energetic, impacting and strong track, featuring percussion, and orchestra, playing a dramatic and outstanding tune, great for trailers, videogames and even corporate where an awesome and bright mood is required.
Yann Keerim