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Mystery Forest

ID: 13686
Bjorn Lynne / Mystery Forest: A sensual, exotic andmysterious acoustic piece depicti...

Mystical Pyramids

ID: 13687
Bjorn Lynne / Mystical Pyramids: Slightly dark and foreboding Arabian/Egyptian track...


ID: 13688
Bjorn Lynne / Very cool and confident, uptempo techno groove. Like little parts of m...

Nighty Night

ID: 13691
Bjorn Lynne / A sweet little goodnight twinkly tune. Couldbe from a toy-box, musical...

Night Maneuvers

ID: 13692
Bjorn Lynne / A tense and nervous underscore with ominous strings, occasional deep b...

Orbital Lights

ID: 13696
Bjorn Lynne / Orbital Lights: Bright, positive outlook, uplifting with semi-acoustic...

Our Flag

ID: 13698
Bjorn Lynne / American / patriotic style track with strings and trumpet.Dignity, hon...

Pulse Line

ID: 13703
Bjorn Lynne / Groovy, positive and down-to-business electronica track suitable forex...


ID: 13705
Bjorn Lynne / Melancholic, reflective, open ambient soundscape. After about a minut...


ID: 13706
Bjorn Lynne / Revelation: Revealing a new idea or concept. Inauguration,excitement, ...

Secret Agent

ID: 13711
Bjorn Lynne / A James Bond 007 or Mission Impossible inspired track using a blend of...

Silent Visitor

ID: 13713
Bjorn Lynne / Dark ambient track for underscore use in horror, sci-fi or thriller ma...


ID: 13716
Bjorn Lynne / A slick, cool and swirley electronica track with drum'n bass influence...


ID: 13717
Bjorn Lynne / Somewhat weird sounding, down, slow and gritty hip-hop track withrepet...

Skyline Stories

ID: 13718
Bjorn Lynne / Ominous, epic soundtrack piece with an orchestral/electronic arrangeme...


ID: 13719
Bjorn Lynne / Sci-fi, futuristic electronic. Space echoes. Inviting, butwith a dark ...

Slow and Serious

ID: 13722
Bjorn Lynne / Slow and Serious: Corporate underscore musical bed. Slow technology pu...


ID: 13724
Bjorn Lynne / Solnatt is a Norwegian word that means 'Night Sun' (roughly). Inspired...

Space Precinct

ID: 13726
Bjorn Lynne / Space Precinct: Techno-trance with the added dimension of crunchy rock...


ID: 13728
Bjorn Lynne / Feel-good space rock track somewhere between electronic, rock and prog...

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Sun Temple

ID: 13732
Bjorn Lynne / Sun Temple: A warm and uplifting chinese / oriental /tibetan track wit...

Sun Willow

ID: 13733
Bjorn Lynne / Sun Willow: Warm, tender, calm, spiritual, soothing and romantic. Ambi...

Tactical Moves

ID: 13735
Bjorn Lynne / Determined, serious underscore track for political thriller or drama. ...


ID: 13737
Bjorn Lynne / Talisman: A blend of techno-trance and middle-eastern mysticism. The t...

The Circus

ID: 13739
Bjorn Lynne / Just like the title says,a good and proper pieceof pompous Circus musi...

The Coco Race

ID: 13740
Bjorn Lynne / A fun and bouncy African or jungle inspired track. Double-time drums g...

The Dance of Hadin

ID: 13741
Bjorn Lynne / The Dance of Hadin: Tribal percussion, hand drums, djembe drum and gia...

The Desert Ruins

ID: 13742
Bjorn Lynne / Dark atmospheric film soundtrack style. Sparse, foreboding, sneaky. Sl...

The Freeze

ID: 13745
Bjorn Lynne / Very sparse underscore, almost a void. Scraping pads, unrecognizable, ...

The Jungle Trail

ID: 13747
Bjorn Lynne / The Jungle Trail: Almost entirely percussion driven track. Upbeat afri...

The Lost Rites

ID: 13748
Bjorn Lynne / The Lost Rites: A grand cinematic piece with ethnic & tribalundertones...

The Night Watch

ID: 13751
Bjorn Lynne / Pensive, tense underscore for thriller, horror or scifi. Electronic, s...

The Ringmaster

ID: 13756
Bjorn Lynne / The Ringmaster: Slightly ethnic, acoustic, mysterious. Acoustic guitar...

The Sand Temple

ID: 13758
Bjorn Lynne / The Sand Temple: A dry and breathy desert rhythm soon gives wayto a ma...

The Sixth Sign

ID: 13759
Bjorn Lynne / A dark, pensive and very tense film underscore track using staccato st...

The Spy Game

ID: 13762
Bjorn Lynne / Secret Agent or Spy Thriller material featuring funky riffs, horn sect...

The True You

ID: 13763
Bjorn Lynne / The True You: A time for reflection and truth - gentle, romanticand sl...
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