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Cinematic Emotional Epic Intense Trailer (Dramatic Blockbuster Choral)

Begins with dramatic hollywood-styled sad female choral voice. Many sound fx and trailer horn impact similar to inception's trailer song. Epicness meets with sadness. Very intense and heavy. Choir, strings and drum machines. Uplifting structure, professional synths. Ideal for Cinematic Epic Movie Tr...

Emotional Dark Cinematic Film Score (Dramatic Female Voice Choral Sad Vocal)

Dark and mysterious track with choral sad female voice and orchestral instruments. Emotional, sentimental, deep, atmospheric, ambient and defeated.

Emotional Choral Orchestral Film Score (Dramatic Movie Soundtrack)

An emotional cinematic music for dramatic movie scenes or film trailers. Powerful, heavy, intense, uplifting, escalating and soulful.

Cinematic Emotional Choral Film Score (Dramatic Sad Piano Strings Music Box)

An emotional film score with solo cello, piano, choir and clarinet. Dramatic, sad, sentimental and dark. Ideal for cinematic movies, films, documentaries or video games.

Atmospheric Dark Ambient Music (Emotional Choral Background Soundtrack)

A Dramatic sorrowful, lost, dark ambient music. It can be used as background ambient. Very deep dreaming type ambient music. Otherworldly, abstract sounding ambient music - soft guitars, lovely and relaxing piano keys. Can be used for science fiction, romantic adult drama storylines, commericials fo...

Courtroom Thriller Part 04 Choral

One in 17 parts of film or TV soundtrack, underscore music, These go well together, or separately, It provides the backdrop for suspense, pensive action, sometimes dark fused with a variety of sound effects of bell tolls, haunting pads, jailhouse door slams to complete the scene, Each piece was writ...

Broken Shields (Epic Uplifting Choral Trailer)

Cinematic & Dramatic epic orchestral trailer music for movies, tv shows, documentaries and video games.

Dramatic Choral Ethereal Ambient

Cinematic & Dramatic orchestral film strings for movies, documentaries, tv shows and video games.

Dramatic Choral Female Voice Soundtrack

Cinematic & Dramatic choral female voice soundtrack for movies, documentaries, tv shows and video games.

Choral Dark Emotional Ambient

Very depressed background music with female choral voice and deeply reverbed women choir. Sad melodic structure with atmospheric delayed piano-like sound and flute. Seamlessly loopable and it's not boring. It can make the audience drop tears and cry with a dramatic scene. Instrumental, Dramatic Musi...

Angelic Rescue (Dramatic Choral Soundtrack)

A Sad Requiem song with dramatic female choral voice.Emotional, lost, defeated and pessimistic. Touching melodies with a choral harmony. Ideal for after battle scenes or medieval age movies and video games. Film Score, Instrumental Background, Orchestral Music.

Cinematic Movie Strings (Choral Angelic Filmscore)

A dramatic dreamy soundtrack. Choral background with piano and synth pads. Very slow tempo with long chords and melodic notes. Very fantastic choir sound and strings ensemble.

Stronger Than Life (Dramatic Choral Trailer Music)

An intense trailer song with women choir.Dramatic epic uplifting structure. Simple and loopable. Edgy and pushy choral female voice supported by dramatic piano chords.

Emotional Female Choral Voice Soundtrack

A very sad soundtrack with melodic structure. Glissandi solo violin and choral solo female voice supported by reverbed piano. Very dreamy and surreal. So pessimistic and dark yet so hurt. Depressive melody carries the hope far away. Imagine something impossible and feel sorry about it.

Battle With Dragons (Cinematic Choral Epic Action)

Orchestral music for battle scenes, pirate ships and buccanners, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings type film productions. Proud, brave, exciting, electronic music is added a bit later, which makes this track usable for productions that add modern elements, as per Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. I...

Dramatic Epic Choral Action (Uplifting Trailer Music)

A Cinematic Intense Epic Trailer Music with choir, brass, strings, dramatic female voice and heaavy drums. Modern theatrical rhytmic structure. Glorifying and Heroic. Ideal for epic movie trailers, documentaries, tv shows or video games. Instrumental, Action Music, Action Intense Orchestral

Choral Dramatic Uplifting Action (Epic Movie Trailer)

Epic trailer track with many orchestral instruments such as ethnic voice, brass, strings, flute and heavy drums, mixed with electronic synths. Epic staccato choir at the end, increases in loudness and intensity. Brings you the feeling of victory, glory and bravery in battle and in life.Cinematic Act...

Uplifting Choral Movie Trailer (Heroic Epic Glorifying)

Intense movie trailer track with staccato viola strings ensemble. Builds to an epic ending with brass, choir and drums. Melodic, heroic, cinematic trailer track, conveys heroism, heroic acts, and adventure. Ideally suited for historical stories, such as pirates, and more contemporary projects. Instr...
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