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Sky Dreams

A futuristic & contemporary down tempo bass and groove support a fairytale-ish music box that dips and glides over deep, warm pads. A mid section breakdown leads to a breath taking leap as the track lifts again in the final third. Depicts wide open spaces, heightened senses and ecology moving hand i...

Star Children

A single plaintive synth arpeggio builds into a life affirming string bed & hookline that ends with a single majestic chord suggesting a brave new beginning. Quirky, humerous & charming, but with an air of the unknown & mysterious. Full of the wonder of life, the Universe and everything in between. ...

The Hands of Time

Contemporary mix of orchestra and electronic instrumentation in this l lament to the passing of time. Pensive & thoughtful but offering hope and comfort with a haunting and memorable melody. Good for contemplative narrative such as poetry or prose and visuals such as time lapse. If you like this ...

Yellow Leaves

by kubed
New Age, ambient track featuring flute, percussions and string pads. Serene and peaceful atmosphere that can work well for therapeutical, pharmaceutical, spa centers, sleeping bed, luxurious hotel commercials.

Baby Steps

Dreamy, tender and delicate. This version is very close to a lullaby feel, moving and heartwarming, composed with a nice glockenspiel, grand piano and orchestra. Well suited for content geared towards children or projects that include a touch of fantasy and Ideal theme for a foundation due to its h...

Our Story

A warm, contemporary heartfelt piano piece. In the style of Einaudi, this has a strong emotive melody which slowly builds with the introduction of very subtle strings. Suitable as a documentary background piece, television or film where you are portraying life's story.

Near Vana part 1

Indian flute, woodwinds, with floating pads. Ethereal, spiritual, foreign and exotic. Mountains and deserts, Eastern, Oriental landscapes and scenery. Good for travel, exploration, culture, history, film, drama, documentary, adventure and much more.

Trip Hop Downtempo Loop

A groovy looped trip hop influenced track with crispy drums and cool sounding guitar all under a nostalgic feeling.

Balkan Gypsy Loop

A upbeat and happy dance track with horns and gypsy styled rhodes and guitar.

Trip Hop Loop

A groovy looped trip hop influenced track with crispy drums and cool sounding rhodes.

Urban Trip Hop Loop

A trip hop loop influenced with crispy drums a rolling bass and a grabbing solitary piano melody.

Fantasy Exploration #3

A sneaky and subtly pensive background / underscore track, suitable for mystery, discovery, exploration and for history / documentary etc, This is music that you don't really 'notice' as it doesn't stand out or grab the attention, It just stays in the background and provides a creepy, uneasy, myster...

Feeling Good

Positive acoustic music track recorded with piano, bass and percussion. This music is rhythmic with a latin feeling. Optimistic and happy music ambient and background situations

I'll Take Care of You

Uplifting piano music, very positive and easy listening. This music will be great for background music in videos and documentary. Sensitive, soft and sweet
Yann Keerim