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Sweet Kiss

Warm music, great for sweet and calm scenes in documentary and video projects. Reflective, sensitive, sentimental piano music

Contemplative Piano

Organic piano music, great for background music. Neutral, soft, great for commercials and media projects

Lounging Loop

Loopable chill music for video projects, presentations, youtube and other media applications. It features synths and drums.

Ethnic - Loop 1

World music instrumental that can be looped seamlessly. The loop is based on my other loop named "Ethnic".


World music instrumental composition that can be looped seamlessly.

Woodwinds Intro

Classical intro with a touch of playfulness and perhaps a little silly, featuring clarinet, flute, contrabassoon, castanets, a sparkling sound in the beginning and roto toms. You can use it for video productions, film, movies, broadcasts, radio openers and other.

Summer In The Islands

White beaches, palm trees, clean water, warm love. This is what summer is all about. Relaxation, happiness and, of course, sweet music. This track will take you wherever you want to go. It is calm, soothing and melodic, with a nice reggae / ethnic feel to it. Perfect for anything related to summer a...


Funky upbeat breakbeat funk groove, cool and sexy, with hard to ignore bass, rhodes over driving breakbeats and guitar. Super for hot corporate video, documentary, sport, fun and more!

Driving All Night

Have you ever driven all night just to see your beloved one? Well, this song is about that night. It's about loneliness and hope, love and sorrow. It's about seeing things in perspective. It's about thinking about your past mistakes and a better future. It's about asking the right questions and fi...

Driving All Night (60 seconds)

60 seconds version of Driving All Night (check out the full version too). Have you ever driven all night just to see your beloved one? Well, this song is about that night. It's about loneliness and hope, love and sorrow. It's about thinking about your past mistakes and a better future. It's abou...

Sunset On The Lake

A melancholic composition, with piano, baritone ukulele, accordion, vocals and orchestra. It's very acoustic and melodic and yet highly atmospheric and descriptive - ideal as soundtrack for any mellow, nostalgic or romantic video production.

The Victory March

Massive, heroism, suspenseful and tense epic exciting melody performed by large orchestra, choir, percussion and big epic drums . A lot of energy, A sense of victory, glory, winning a difficult challenge. Motivating and inspiring. Perfect for game shows, movies depicting bravery, sports action seque...

From a Latin Heart

A very happy, playful and dynamic track, playing latinamerican rhythms with a very uplifting arrangement. A fantastic asset for any advertising, documentary, kids and film production.

Happy Island AC2 March 7 1

A very uplifting and festive track, with certain calypso flavor. Featuring Ukulele, acoustic guitar, acoustic percussion, strings, celesta, marimba and glockenspiel. A fantastic asset for documentary, kid's production, travel TV Shows, videos and advertising.

Set Your Soul Free AC2 April 8

A really emotive and inspirational orchestral track, featuring some electronics and electric guitar. A great asset for any motivational and inspirational application.

Open your World AC2

A very optimistic and inspiring track, going from a kind of intimate sound featuring Violin and French Horn solo to a more open and very emotive section featuring orchestra. A really original track, fantastic asset for any positive video.

San Valentine AC2 jan 28

A loving and warm orchestral track. A beautiful asset for San Valentine's Day, love movies, videos and ads.

Secrets Ac2 jan 20

A very touching, emotional and dramatic track, featuring percussions, strings, balalaika, celesta, cello solo. A great asset for film, TV Shows, documentary and any other cinematic application.

Orchestral Fantasy 2 AC2 Dec 31

A beautiful, epic and strong orchestral track, with a very emotive and positive mood. Great for animation, film, and ads.

Most Propitious Moment - Loop

Spy movie like piece of classical / cinematic music, featuring bassoon, trombone, english horn (woodwinds, brass), cymbal, timpani, glock, woodblock, orchestral percussion.

The White River Girl

Very spiritually uplifting and motivational Piano and track with country rock fusion/smoothjazz feel. Appropriate for motivational videos, presentations, commercials, nature video clips and videos.
Yann Keerim