7 Tracks in library - With music from different kinds of genres, I try to keep my music portfolio diverse and cutting edge! I have a strong belief in that you creative minds out there want more than just CORPORATE, INSPIRATIONAL and MOTIVATIONAL tracks that tends to sound the same, regardless if your project is a commercial advert, a private YouTube clip or a corporate presentation. I simply try to make music that will make your project more appealing, more saleable or just to make it complete. And the library is continuously growing thanks to my passion and drive to make good music no matter what.
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Happy Summer Marimba

Composer: Rikard Mortsell
This track is a happy and uplifting instrumental song built on a catchy marimba motif. The bass and drums gives the track a jamaican touch and it will be perfect as background music in any presentation, slideshow, advert or promotional video that needs a happy and sunny feel to it. The item comes in...

A New Day

Composer: Rikard Mortsell
This is short beautiful piece with just strings and piano. The melody in the violins is sad but beautiful and the item is perfect for your advert or presentation that needs a subtle melancholic feel to it.

Night Fog

Composer: Rikard Mortsell
A suspenseful and dark track in a minimalistic way without bombastic and epic drums. The melody in the strings is dramatic but still hopeful, backed up with the piano, bass drum and a few mode-making sounds.

Strolling Ukelele

Composer: Rikard Mortsell
This is a happy and uplifting track with ukulele, strings, marimba, glockenspiels, claps and more that works fine in ads, films and other corporate projects.

Motivational Waltz

Composer: Rikard Mortsell
Here you have a slow ”waltz” in 6/8 time. The melody is nice and modest without taking too much space, therefore the track will work fine as a voice over. The instruments used in the track are drums, bass, ukulele, muted guitars, lead guitars, glocken, piano and rhodes. This music will b...

Meditative And Motivational

Composer: Rikard Mortsell
This is a meditative but still inspiring and motivational tracks that would be perfect as background music in your presentation, slideshow, advert or promotional video. The music is built on a weave of mallets and builds nicely throughout the track. It also features drums, piano, pad and bass. The...

Inspirational Whistle Tune

Composer: Rikard Mortsell
This is a happy, uplifting, jolly and motivational tune that includes whistle, ukulele, acoustic guitar, glocken, piano, bass and drums. It has a simple and cheerful melody presented with whistle, piano and glockenspiel. This item will be perfect as background music in every presentation, advert, sl...
Yann Keerim
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