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[APP REVIEW ] KINEMASTER Video Editor for Android

by Themusicase Team

This blog post is about a state-of-the-art video making & editing app for mobile. I recently used KINEMASTER by Next Streaming Corp and i was utterly impressed.

I downloaded several other apps with the mission to do some quite advanced video editing and Kinemaster proved to be the absolute winner.

Before moving forward, I have to say that KINEMASTER is NOT A FREE APP. You can download it for free, play around with some of its features and also export video with the KINEMASTER Watermark.

However, in order to use it extensively and make professional videos, you need to actually buy the app.


The app is available in two different pricing plans:

  • Monthly Subscription – this will cost you 3.56€ per month
  • Annual Subscription – this will cost you 28.46€ per month

What you get with the paid version compared to the free version:

  • You can export your Video Files without the KINEMASTER Watermark
  • You can use all Premium Assets and Libraries available at KINEMASTER ASSET STORE – (quite a big library of premium Fonts, Overlays, FX, Audio tracks, Stickers)
  • You can use the incredible Chroma Key Feature (in the free version it is not even displayed as a tool)

Hands On – Interface

When you first download KINEMASTER you can see that all features are quite obvious. The interface is familiar and similar to a typical music or video editing app. I would say that the Interface seems closer to a Desktop App than a Mobile App – which is both good and bad at the same time.




Good, because if you are an experienced editor in video or music, you can start working right away. The basic structure is layer based, and you can add layers one after the other to create your timeline.

Bad, because if you are working on a mobile device, the space could be a little bit limited.

Video – Editing Possibilities

The editing possibilities on KINEMASTER are simply impressive. You can add as many layers of text, images, ready made overlays and effects, one of top of the other. For each, you can control the exact timing and plenty of additional properties.

It is very easy to add text over colored backgrounds and adjust the font size and position of each text field.

Transitions between media are also well-structured and the ready-made transition templates are enough to cover almost any of your video editing needs.


As mentioned above, the KINEMASTER App comes with additional elements such as fonts, music, overlays and more, when you buy a subscription.

Adding all libraries to your workspace creates a full professional toolkit and adds extensive video editing possibilities.

Export & Sharing

Video can be exported in 4K and instantly uploaded to YouTube channel. It seems that KINEMASTER could be a complete workstation for professional vloggers and possilbly a one-stop platform for running a Vlog.


Another impressive tool available only in the PAID version of KINEMASTER is the Chroma Key. What it does is that it basically lets you blend two different layers (for example two different movie clips or two images) and give a sort of transparency in one of those so that the basic element of the other is displayed on top.

Here we are talking about Green or Blue Screens. You can read more about the use of Green Screen in this blog post.

You can record a video having a green color as background and then using the chroma key function you can display the video over any movie background (the second layer). That is how you see the newscaster talk with a city background behind his back and all seem to fit perfectly.

Music and Audio

You can add your audio files in KINEMASTER or use some tracks available in the Asset Store. The use of audio channels is very easy as various tools such as cropping, fade in, fade out, are right there on your dashboard.


When it comes to monetizing you videos, keep in mind that if you use the music available from Muzerk (you can download the Muzerk tracks inside KINEMASTER) YouTube will not let you make money out of your video as you will be using 3rd parties copyrighted elements (the music owned by Muzerk).

Of course, we liked the fact that is made clear once you export the video.

However, If you are looking to monetize your videos,  you can pick a song from our stock music library.

In conclusion, we would say that KINEMASTER is definitely worth the paid subscription and is one of the best video editing apps at least for Android where it was tested.

Author: Themusicase Team

Themusicase is a royalty free music marketplace, providing music licensing solutions for agencies, video makers, film studios and production companies since 2005.

Yann Keerim
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