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Best video editors for tablets

The 2017 Top List for the Best Tablet Video Editors (AndRoid & iOS)

When you’re on the road, documenting your travels, sharing experiences with your audience – daily or weekly – editing your videos should not be a stressful routine work. Inconveniences happens and your notebook may not be at your disposal at all times.

Being at the hands of the best and lightest video editors for your devices is a guarantee of not delaying posting your experiences and not losing your deadline.   Gone are the days when video edits could only be made through heavy computer programs. Increasingly, tablets have an impressive processing power, a lot of internal memory and the quality of a professional studio.

Editing videos should be an easy, intuitive experience. Turning your videos into an entertainment product should be as simple as drag and drop. The good news is that it is becoming increasingly plausible to turn your tablet into a true mobile movie studio.

On a platform with more than a million apps available, finding the right video editor for you on the Apple Store or on Google Play is really a difficult task. That way, we’ve listed below the best video editors for tablets that every travel vlogger should know about. Read on and find the most suitable for you.

Adobe Premiere Clip (Android, iOS)

01 Adobe-Premiere-Pro-for-tablets


If you’ve ever worked with the popular Premiere Pro software, it will not be difficult to edit your videos with Premiere Clip, given that it’s the toned-down version. Once available only for iOS, the app has now also been launched in the Google Store. Adobe Premiere Clip brings mobile video editing very easy and has an outstanding performance.

Premiere Clip continues the high quality tradition on the mobile platform. Simple to use, it requires little or no knowledge about video editing to create visually appealing videos. Since you’re editing videos for your vlogs, the Advanced mode of the app is right for you. This mode gives more robust trimming, clipping, and sequencing abilities.

Pinnacle Studio Pro (iOS)


02 Pinnacle-Studio-Pro-for-tablets

One of the most popular video editors for iPads, Pinnacle Studio Pro gives you professional tools for your edits. The app is complex enough to achieve what many spend hundreds of dollars to make. Advanced mode should not be a problem if you’re already accustomed to editing your videos in a professional way. Even new users have no problem learning and becoming an expert on the many tools available in this app. If you want video stitching, cool transitions and good audio control, Pinnacle Studio Pro will do great for you.

Vizzywig (iOS)

03 Vizzywig-for-tablets


If you are looking for Import clips, add transitions, overlay snapshots and titles, set in / out points, split clips and set background music while you capture any event, Vizzywig has all these functions. It also allows multi camera recording and multiple clip importing, and it has all the feature you expect from a pro video editor for iPad. This is actually all-in-one video editing app for iOS devices that helps you make professional videos on your tablet.

PowerDirector (Android)

04 PowerDirector-for-tablets


Using the various transition effects, titles, and special effects included in the PowerDirector App, you are able to transform several recorded footage into a cohesive and professional product. Whether you’re a first-time user, or familiar with desktop-level video editing software, this app makes it easy to quickly produce high-quality videos in a fast time. There’s a separate layer on the app for music, so you’re able to have background music overlaid your videos’ audio as well.

Video Maker Pro (Android)

05 Video Maker Pro-for-tablets



This software is certain to movie studio app for android which gives full features to edit, trim and add media files in the movie. Video Maker Pro provides a separate space for a single supplementary audio track, so it allows you to add a voiceover or music track to your project as well. The tried-and-true interface makes it one of the simplest and most usable products on the platform today.

KineMaster Pro (Android)

06 KineMaster Pro-for-tablets


The new version of the KineMaster Pro app has been extensively redesigned to showcase what’s new in trends for Android, while maintaining ease of editing and paving the way for future new features. The introduction of multiple layers for stickers and text in video clips, and news such as video cut-out functionality, further enhances the flexibility of this already powerful mobile video editor. It has multi tracked timeline with full drag-n-drop support which enables you to easily import different types of media files and move them around with your finger. It’s also equipped with robust video editing options and wide range of tools for improving video quality.




Now that you are aware of the best video editors in the app market, simply choose the one that best fits your budget and video production style. Another essential tool for editing your videos is the chosen soundtrack. Background music that combines with the experiences you’re living enhances the quality and message power of each filmed story you share.

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