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Composer Interview – Marc Corominas

by Themusicase Team
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Tell us something about your music background! 

I have a very classical background. I started to play piano at 6. I started improvising at 12.. and then comes my first own compositions. At 18 I started my first steps with other acoustic instruments like violin and guitar, and I bought my first synthesizer (korg polysix). I was in the line to mix electronic music and classical. But I was also very curious with celtic and jazz.. so I think I have lots of aesthetical sources which have influenced me. So.. well I’m very happy to be a very musical person!

What drives your work, what are your passions?

emotion, plasticity with sounds.. I’m very linked with nature and this is so inspiring! I’m very deep in working with people with special needs.. so my emotions are strong here, and this is a big influence to create.

What is your creation process like? Tell us about your working method as a composer. 

I start with a simple improvisation, mostly with my piano. I can do both classical and jazz music when improvising.. when I have my ideas clear, I put structures and order. Sometimes I have the ideas very clear, and it’s all about buiding tracks in my sequencer.

Are there any non-musical influences that inspire your composition process? 

haha yes! contact with people with special needs… elder people, alzheimer patients, physical disabilities.. this moves lots of emotions. Also nature, I’m also in contact very often, I’m studying butterflies .. and happy for that

What advice would you give to a young composer? 

don’t stop, don’t give up never, belief in yourself and be honest with yourself, be opened to new ideas, and help the others as much as you can. This is a long-distance race, and we must be able to enjoy the journey!

How can people find out more about you? 

I have my linkedin and facebook profiles, you are very welcome:

Author: Themusicase Team

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