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Composer Interview – Gabriel Irwin

by Themusicase Team

Composer Name

Gabriel Irwin Profile link

Tell us something about your music background!

I have been making music all my life, with interests starting in rock and blues, experimenting through hip hop and jazz, and recently focusing on ambient music. I make music that would be really good for soundtracks but is also really calming and could be good background music to study to, relax to, play in spas…

What drives your work, what are your passions?

Creating unique sounds that help reflect my experiences in the world and share that feeling with other people through the way my music makes you feel.

What is your creation process like? Tell us about your working method as a composer.

I usually have a vibe or feeling in mind so I find an instrument with a tone similar to that. Then I manipulate that instrument until it sounds like I imagined and make a loop that is the backing of the song. I then start to improvise other loops that I chop and manipulate over the background. I usually continue layering this way.

Are there any non-musical influences that inspire your composition process?

I like the work Piet Mondrian does, with pure abstraction. Getting an idea across in its simplist form. I have heard people describe the way Louis Armstrong said things through his Trumpet is the way Piet Mondrian would paint it. I really meditated on this concept a lot.


What advice would you give to a young composer?

I am still a young composer at 20. I try to stay true to my own sound and would say keep focused on what you want to create not what you are creating for others. I really recommend finding the root of your sound, what makes it yours. It’s ok to use genres as a median of communication, like a language. Kurt didn’t invent grunge but punk was dead and he wanted to keep sharing the message of his mentors and make others feel less alone. Realize what’s original and what’s your medium and then figure out what you’re really saying and what you mean to say. Grammar switches between languages, and music genres in different contexts. I am going to attend college for production, but have really put tons of energy of thought into music and I can only recommend to do the same as it’s insanely rewarding for your own quality of work and self discovery.

How can people find out more about you?

Check out and vexedDensity on streaming services. You can email me at I can send people my socials upon request as well but you might learn more about my worldview then my music;)

Author: Themusicase Team

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