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How to handle a YouTube copyright claim dispute

by Chance Bulger

Youtube is the the largest video host on the internet. Millions of hours of videos are uploaded every week. Users have the ability to upload any content they choose. However, due to copyrights, creators must be careful.

First of all, create your own content, don’t use others. If you need to, purchase the licensing fee to others content so you have the legal right to use it.

If you do however receive a copyright strike on Youtube from your original or owned content. Don’t freak out! It’s easy to file a dispute!

Luckily, Youtube makes it simple to submit a case in order to get this copyright infringement marker removed from your video and your Youtube account.

Youtube has 2 options when it comes to punishment for creators when using copyrighted content:

  1. They can remove your video
  2. They can remove monetization from your video. Meaning Youtube will take the ad share from the video, leaving you with no money coming in from the video.

It is in your best interest, to have this issue resolved as soon as possible, especially if the copyright infringement is affecting your monetary income.

First, it is good to know what the youtube copyright rules there are. Here is a good video that lays out some of the main rules of what you can and can’t do that is actually created by Youtube:


We have created a guide, where we walk you through identifying, appealing and resolving a copyright infringement claim on Youtube. Follow us with pictures as we fight a copyright infringement claim we received recently.

Steps to appealing a Youtube Copyright Claim

To appeal a copyright strike,  go to the video that is in question: You will see a page similar to the one pictured below.

*We have blurred out areas in which it shows the content that was flagged, you will see that this is the video title and thumbnail image.


At the bottom of the page, you will see what content has matched with your video. You will also see the claimant, policy violation and your options.

Youtube has an automated system of identifying copyrighted content. Don’t get this confused with the copyright owner going through and filing a claim against your video. Sometimes this will be the case, but most likely not.

Listen or watch the video or song that Youtube has identified to be matching yours by clicking the “play match” link.

If you believe this copyright claim is legitimate, then you can choose to have your file removed. HOWEVER THIS CLAIM WILL ALWAYS STAY WITH YOUR ACCOUNT, if you get enough claims youtube could blacklist your account. The only way to have these fully removed is to file a dispute.



Once you click on the  “file a dispute” button. You will have a number of reasons that Youtube will give you for filing the dispute. Choose the most appropriate option. In our particular example, we have have the licensing right to the music that was flagged. So we choose “I have a license or permission from the proper rights holder to use this material”.


Hit Continue


On the next page, you will see that Youtube will want you to confirm that you have indead chosen the correct option. If this was not the right option, you can click the “cancel” button and choose another option. If this is still the correct choice, check the “I am sure that I have a license or permission, and I want to dispute this claim” box and click the “continue” button. Exactly as we have pictured below.



On the next page you will be asked to confirm the copyright you are disputing and then give a brief explanation as to why you are disputing.

In the text box, restate that you are the copyright owner or have the licensing rights. Give all the proof that you can give to make it seem as obvious as possible to Youtube, that you have the legal right to post this content.

Check the Boxes for confirming what you have written is correct.

Type your name as a signature.

Click “continue”.


The Next page will ask you to re-confirm everything we have just gone over.

*This is not pictured as it is all confidential information.

If everything looks good, click the “Submit Dispute” button.

You have officially submitted your copyright claim dispute against your Youtube video!

Youtube now has 30 days to respond to your case. Be sure to pay attention to your emails to make sure you can answer any questions that may arise from Youtube moderators.

Here is a video that walks you through this process as well.

Remember to continue to stay on top of all copyright claims on your account. These claims can add up and begin to really hurt your account and possibly cause Youtube to ban your account.

Hopefully, this article has eased your mind when it comes to disputing copyright claims. If you are creating content, this is bound to happen to you. It is good to know the proper process in which to dispute a claim.

If you have any more questions, refer to the youtube help section on copyright strikes here:

Here is the link in how to retract a claim of copyright infringement

If you want to be sure that your videos are copyright free, when it comes to the audio portion, you should own the licensing right to the audio.

Unfortunately, Youtube may still flag your video with this content, however you will know you have the right documentation to remove this flag from your account. Just provide them with your licensing information and they will remove the flag.

You can create this music on your own or purchase someone else’s music and audio tracks for use. This is now super easy to do on the internet.

Not a musician or want an easy to use professional recording? License Royalty free music with us at Never worry about having your content removed from Youtube. We provide you with all the appropriate documentation you will need in a claim.


Once you purchase a track, you will receive:

  • Written PDF with licensing info (Issued automatically after purchase)
  • This PDF will include all information required so that Youtube, or any other website, cannot deny that you have the rights to the distribution of this audio.
  • It includes your name (or company name) as the licensing rights owner and all the track details. You will always have access to this document in your emails and on your account.

Is Youtube actually the best platform for you to post your content on? Check out our article comparing Vimeo to Youtube!

Author: Chance Bulger

Writer, blogger based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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