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The importance of a partnership contract

Partnership Program

When one or more individuals decide to enter into a business partnership together it is of the utmost importance that a Partnership Agreement be established, carefully detailing the terms of the business relations.   Even best friends should create a partnership agreement to avoid lack of communication and legal issues that can lead to misunderstandings.

A partnership contract, also called the articles of partnership, is a document that establishes the terms of the partnership and the agreements between partners. It protects owners from potential partner death, a dispute, a sale to a new partner or the dissolution of the business, among other benefits.

In the contract the parties are approached to be partners in a common purpose among them, such as the willingness to buy from an individual and the willingness to sell from another individual, among many others that can be formalized through the contract.

A well-drafted contract, bringing rights and obligations in a balanced manner to both parties, brings legal security and comfort to its partners, making the commercial relationship, even in case of contractual termination, based on respect and tranquility, since all the rules necessary for that commercial relationship to be developed are already formally and in detail foreseen and accepted by signing the contract.   An oral agreement gives rise to uncertainty as to what has been agreed, and can be set aside in any court. In this way, we see the importance of a written contract.

The formalization of commercial relations through a contract, establishing rights and obligations for the contracting parties, as well as penalties for noncompliance with the rules stipulated and accepted by both parties, avoids future controversies regarding the commercial relationship that has been established, including until a judicial action.   What everyone has to keep in mind is that the contract is synonymous with transparency, peace and security. It is a litigation prevention tool and, if the dispute is not resolved amicably, respecting the terms contracted, it will serve as a skillful evidence to support a lawsuit.

We have the full understanding of the importance of this type of contract for our customers. The various types of partnership that we engage in lead us to seek secure means of conducting our business, closing contracts, hiring employees and always complying with the laws. That is why we are now offering this partnership contract to secure your future business.

Some examples of important partnership that our audience usually performs:

  • Agreement between a filmmaker and a film editor;
  • Agreement between a sponsorship company for a vlog / podcast / radio program;
  • Agreement between an audiobook narrator and the writer;
  • Contract for use of image for characters in online games;
  • Agreement between documentary filmmakers and their partners during production.


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