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Tips on selling more at Marketplace

Now that you are a partner of we want to help you promote your music and boost your sales in our markeplace. The success of our authors is very important to us. Increasing your sales is not only essential to the growth of our community but fundamental to the personal growth of each composer we work with. has a series of tools so that our partnership becomes even more strict and that each composer feels free to promote their sales in a democratic way and have their songs and profiles targeted in our site.


Become an affiliate


You can earn 20% as an affiliate partner to To become an affiliate you can join on this Link. Just use your affiliate URL when you share and earn 20% commission of sales from this link.


Once you become an affiliate you will get instant access to your Unique Affiliate link and banners to start referring traffic from your site and social media. We track sales using the Affiliate Link and each time a sale comes from your unique link, you will be credited the commission. By visiting your Affiliate Page Dashboard you have access to your earnings any time you want.


Promote your music


Creating a marketing strategy and promoting your music is one of the most effective ways to get more visibility for your compositions. Marketing should be a part of your work routine.


The internet has changed the music industry in a big way. Sharing, streaming, social media and eCommerce give artists more opportunities to expose their music to a larger audience and increase their fan base. To create a sense of community for your fans is also important for the success of your music. So, choosing the best ways to promote your music online starts with an idea and some strategy marketing.


There are numerous ways to promote your music on TMC:


  • Promote your music on your personal website
  • Promote your music in your social media
  • Promote your music on blogs, specialized music sites and music forums
  • Add your personal TMC link to your account profiles on Soundcloud, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and other networks.
  • Make an email list to send your music to potential customers
  • Collaborate with external blogs to help promote your tracks


Share your story


Writing your short bio for TMC is very important so that your personal profile looks more professional and so potential customers know who is behind the music they are listening to. It also makes your Public Profile more friendly to the search engines, increasing your composer profile traffic. To add your Short Bio, login to your composers Panel and go to Edit Profile on the left menu. After that, just click on Edit at the bottom of the Profile Page Settings.


Creating and Eletronic Press Kit is also important so you can update your booking shows, share your personal Profile URL of the and connect with others in the industry. An EPK is basically a resume of your personal career, including up to date bio info, music, reviews, tour dates and contact information.


A blog or a Youtube Channel is also a great way to offer a regular, longer-form glimpse into your world. Personal entries about what inspires you, what makes you feel joy, anger, etc. For people searching in connecting with you or learning more about your creative process behind your tracks, it’s a great resource to own.


Be an entrepreneur. Even more than being a professional, you need to be able to sell yourself and brand your career sharing your professional background. Making a press release about your work as a composer and sending to journalists and music bloggers is important to get recognition on the field.


Make a strategy for your compositions


Searchability is one of the most important tools for our buyers. Most customers use the “search” bottom in TMC to find music, so take advantage of it: put worlds in your songs and titles that will help you show up when people search. Keep in mind that using keywords you will appear in the search results on relevant searches on


You can also carry out a sales strategy targeting specific customers. Make a study of which songs you sell more often and focus in specific directions for your next tracks. You can see who you are targeting to on our music license agreement. Get inspired by your audience.




Did you know that the keyword “Royalty-Free Music” gets over 110.000 searchers on Google worldwide every month? That’s your monthly target audience. So it’s definitely worth spending some time promoting your tracks.


With this in mind, you’ll be able to start promoting yourself better online and create a sense of engagement for people looking for your songs at TMC. We hope to help you with the growth of your career and our partnership on, so if you have any questions or need any kind of help, just email us and we’ll be glad to find you better solutions to boost your sales in our platform.  


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