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Meeting our Composers: Chris Shrift

by Themusicase Team

Tell us something about your background!

My experience is vast and unique. I create music for any situation. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Arts with a focus on audio production from Pennsylvania State University. Up until I graduated from Pennsylvania State University, I was self taught.

I sharpened my skills through private lessons and schooling. Being a musician, I have written, recorded and produced songs for others and my own personal projects. An artist I have directly worked with is Jordan Harter, A member of the Billboard chart topping group ‘Prospectz Nation.’ Chris has recorded and produced for Denver band ‘The Greenhouse Band.’ They used those recordings to successfully book shows that would go on to sell out. I have written for Youtube channels and documentary series as well. I strive to become better and make my skills more sharp every time I get to work.

How did you start composing?

I started composing after the music scene I grew up with faded away. I wanted to create my own music. This led to learning how to compose, recording, producing, engineering, writing and releasing my own music.

What drives your work, what are your passions?

I am driven by being a career musician. It is what I have the most passion for and what I enjoy doing. I love the art of creating music. Whether that be mastering a new recording technique or writing in a new genre, I thoroughly enjoy doing all the aspects.

How is your creation process? Tell us about your working method as a composer.

I find that there is no real rhyme or reason to my process. Inspiration can come from anywhere. I have developed entire songs from just messing around on the guitar or piano to relax. I have heard songs and wanting to tackle a genre I’ve never attempted to work on. I’ve sat with a melody that plays in my head and then attempt to recreate said melody on an instrument. I feel like my process is finding inspiration and just going to work until it turns into something great.

Which track available on are you most proud to have composed?

The track vibe is something I’m extremely proud of. I love the simplicity of the thin chords from the organ in the background and the melody that changes with each chord change. It reminds of something cinematic. The contrast to when the beat comes in with the guitar provides that a release that isn’t over bearing.

Are there any other non-musical influences that inspire your composition process?

I find a lot of inspiration in my general surroundings. I love the atmospheres of different places. I like to soak in very specific feelings along with the sounds of the surroundings. I believe a lot of my instrumental music comes from that. A thoughtful way to take the feelings of your surroundings and translate it to music.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to continue to pursue music in all facets. I currently make music under my real name ‘Chris Shrift’ and under the moniker of ‘Crittrr.’ Crittrr performs locally and has plans to tour. I currently enjoy recording and producing others as well. I want to deeply dive into the library music world as well. The end goal is to be able to make music my full time career.

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Author: Themusicase Team

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