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Rock and Roll Christmas

A nice and fun rock and roll, featuring electric guitars, electric piano, tenor sax, and piano as well as bells. a great asset for animations, ads, and promos.

Ukulele Suite

A very happy, fun and festive track featuring ukulele, celesta, percussion, electronics and accordion. You can feel some Latin flavor at this one.

This Is Halloween

A fantastic and playful orchestral track, featuring a theremin, with a very Danny Elfman kind of arrangement. A great asset for your Halloween videos, commercials and ads.

Solving The Crime

A very exciting, energetic and intriguing tune, with orchestral and electronic sounds. A perfect asset for TV Shows, movies, animations, videogames.

Young Corporate

A fresh, uplifting and optimistic track. A perfect asset for corporate videos, adverts and web applications.

Latin Feeling

Taking the festive Guaguanco as an inspiration, this tune plays drums, Rhodes and acoustic and electric guitars, as well as tambourine and other percussion, getting a very happy and joyful track, perfect for any media product requiring some Latin flavor.

This is Christmas

A beautiful, emotional and touching orchestral track full of Christmas. A fantastic asset for your Christmas video, ad, promo or movie.

Happy Kids

A very festive and optimistic track, featuring electric guitar, ukelele, claps, drums, bass, glockenspiel, celesta and piano. A very uplifting tune, great asset for motivational, inspiring and childlike applications.

Searching and Discovering

A great and very dramatic orchestral track going from a very smooth riff to a very dramatic end. A perfect match for searching or chasing scenes, movies, video-games or even ads.


A very positive, motivational and uplifting track, dynamic and intense, featuring guitars, synthesizers drum kit, bass, and glockenspiel. Fits perfectly in any audiovisual project where a great energy and happy mood is required.

Summer Day

A very uplifting, happy, festive and nice track, featuring drums, bass, synthesizers, ukelele, guitars and accordion. A perfect tune for any motivational and corporate track as well as summer movies.


A very energetic, impacting and strong track, featuring percussion, and orchestra, playing a dramatic and outstanding tune, great for trailers, videogames and even corporate where an awesome and bright mood is required.

Happiness is Here (soft bells)

A very happy, optimistic festive and innocent tune featuring acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, electri piano, tambourine and claps, as well as celesta, glockenspiel. Starting with a very nice muted riff, goes to a very energetic development.


An emotional romantic, soft, melancholic and beautiful track, playing acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, strings and cello. A great track for nostalgia and reflection.


A very cinematic, energetic and positive track playing a full orchestral arrangement. A perfect track for film and video-games with Epic scenes.

Heros Horizon AC2

A very cinematic and dramatic track playing a full orchestral arrangement. A perfect track for film and video-games with Epic scenes.

Heros 2

A very cinematic, energetic and positive track playing a full orchestral arrangement. A perfect track for film and video-games with Epic scenes.

Great Happiness

This modern easy listening corporate music combines a happy and joyful vibe with innovative, fun, and successful tones. The ukulele and acoustic guitar strum a bright rhythm while the bells and pizzicato strings play a lively melody that shines with brightness and energy. Whether for ads, business, ...

Time Machine

A groovy, funky psychedelic retrostyle track that takes you back in time to a disco in the seventies. 70s style funky guitar, a Fender Rhodes Piano, original vintage drum sound, a vintage organ and a real jazz bass make it a perfect fit for any retro / vintage style commercial, presentation, video ...
Yann Keerim