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Mischievous Dolls

BPM 88 - driving staccato strings, celesta and piano make this quirky tune reminiscent of Danny Elfman. Dark with a mysterious overtone.

Junkyard Funk

BPM 82 - bass harmonica and trash can drums create this unique quirky bluesy cue. Accompanied with synth bass and strings makes this fun and driving.

Sneaking Cookies

BPM 116 - light pizzicato strings with harp and flute make this quirky cue gentle and fun. Celesta and glockenspiel add to the playfulness.

The Pixies Morning Dance

BPM 98 - floating piano with celesta, marimba and xylophone makes this lighthearted quirky tune gentle and fun.

Toys in the Attic

BPM 140 - quirky pizzicato strings with marimba, xylophone and piano make for a fun experience while the brass and percussion drive it forward.

Woodpecker and Friends

BPM 76 - a quirky upbeat tune with piano, pizzicato strings and xylophone. Fun and innocent.

Fruit Fly (with Vocals)

This is a simple, charming vocal track, based on ukulele, with a sweet melody and lyrics conveying a sense of harmony and union between man and nature. It is a perfect children song, but it is also a great song for productions aimed at adults, especially videos related to animals, nature and ... goo...

Dynamic Piano

Organic piano music. This background piano music will be great for commercials, videos and spots. Medium tempo, easy listening and flowing feeling

Hopeful Blues

Hopeful piano music track, soft and sensitive. Great music for ambient music, background music in video projects and other tender situations


Easy listening, simple instrumental music. This piano music will fit well for background music in video productions, documentary and tender, sensitive situations

Piano and Candles

Tender, sensitive piano music. This music will fit well in romantic, loving, sentimental scenes in film and documentary productions. Slow, soft, touching music

Smile with the Piano

Easy listening piano music, great for background and ambient music situations. This music is simple and will fit well in video productions too

Whenever - Loop 1

It's a sixties retro vibe looping track, melancholic and sad. Lots of reverb and suitable for broadcasts, youtube videos, film, movies and other media. The loop is based on my track "Whenever".


It's a sixties retro vibe track, melancholic and sad. Lots of reverb and suitable for broadcasts, youtube videos, film, movies and other media.

Playful Situation

This is a classical track, kind of playful and jolly, suitable for ads, advertising, youtube videos, products presentation and other media.

Bouncy Life

Cool piano music, blues, sensual and smooth. This music will be great for ambient music and sensitive projects

Little Light

Slow piano music, great for tender and dramatic, romantic situations. Warm acoustic sound and soft, sweet mood

Soul and Piano

Touching piano music recorded with warm and sweet sound. This music is slow and soft and will fit well in loving, dramatic and tender situations
Yann Keerim