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This one is a powerful modern track in the style of dubstep with your typical wobbles and sawtooth.

Sweet Memories - Full

This highly emotional orchestral cue features cello, viola, and piano, with just a sprinkle of synthesizer. It opens with a subtle contemplative arrangement, and then builds to an almost celebratory refrain.

Another Night

by kubed
Bright,electro-pop track with uplifting vibes and modern production values.Uptempo and positive attitude,it's very danceable and radio-friendly.Groovy and catchy melodies.

Chase The Light

by kubed
Electro-House track with great synth-hooks,electric guitrar riffs,driving electo bass-lines and strong beats.Bright and optimistic attitude,uplifting and very danceable track.

Dancefloor Shoes

by kubed
Electro-House track with great energy and uplifting vibes.Bright,driving synths,tight bass-lines and big house beats.It's great for dancefloors or workout/aerobics routines.Modern production values.


by kubed
Uplifting pop,r & b track with modern production.Synths and percussions create a rhythmic,catchy style that has a commercial,top 40 quality.


by kubed
This is an uplifting and energetic dance-house track.Piano is the lead instrument and it has a happy/positive vibe.Perfect for a workout/aerobics video.

Short Modern Intro

Intro logo for projects like youtube videos, podcasts and other media applications.

Lights In The Sky

by kubed
Electro-House track in the Deadmau5 style.It builds progressively and leads to a piano breakdown and a strong synth-driven chorus after the breakdown.Both uplifting and melodic,good for the dancefloor or workout.

Mellow Business Plan

This cool electronic corporate music has a very cool business presence while being progressive and forward thinking at the same time. The subtle pad is contrasted by a hypnotic and creative mid range that creates a mellow and sophisticated style. This music is a must have for ads, explainers, corpor...

Neon City

by kubed
This is an epic Electro-House track with great build-ups and breakdowns.Anthemic synth sounds over tight bass-lines and strong house beats.Bright and uplifting mood.

Secret Passage

Intense orchestral hybrid piece with an intense, dark, medieval, epic feel.

Journey to Annuminas

A big, epic, adventurous cinematic orchestra piece with subtle changes and gentle ending

Night Out

by kubed
This Electro-House track builds up to an epic and very energetic chorus.Modern electro synths combined with tight bass-lines and big house beats.Modern production values.

Out Of Sight

by kubed
EDM track with driving synth-bass,electro synths and tight house beats.It has intro,build-up and breakdown.Optimistic and energetic,it has modern production values.

Part Time Hero

by kubed
Electro House with great dynamics,powerful transitions and modern production values.The synths are uplifting and euphoric,the synth-bass and the drums are the driving force of this track.Dancefloor oriented music,great for the clubs or aerobics/workout.


by kubed
Uplifting Electro-Pop track with bright,mellow synths and modern R & B beats.Fresh and upbeat mood,catchy and commercial melodies.

Shakin\' Club

by kubed
EDM track,great for the dancefloor or workout.Featuring modern electro sytnhs and synth-bass.Uplifting and optimistic mood.


by kubed
A big, clean euphoric house track. Featuring big, icy synths and a disco breakdown.It's uplifting and very energetic.


by kubed
Uplifting Electro-Pop track with bright,modern synths and driving synth-bass.Dance R & B style,with a fresh Top40 sound.Positive and energetic mood.

Touch The Sun

by kubed
Electro House track with driving synths,steady bass-lines and strong beats.Danceable and uplifting,it has a positive attitude and modern production values.
Yann Keerim