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Simple Arcade Sad Intro 1

Sad intro for old retro games like 80s video games. Use it as you think appropriate.

Simple Arcade Loop

Sad loop for old retro games like 80s video games. Seamless looping on this loopable file :D

Simple Arcade Playful Intro

Rather cheerful game sound suitable as an intro or good level ending in retro arcade games.

Simple Arcade Sad Intro 2

Sad intro for old retro games like 80s video games. Use it as you think appropriate.

Stalkers in the Night

A grand, sweeping track that tells of amazing world journeys. This track is not tied to one specific country or culture, but has Eastern European / Baltic as well as more Oriental / Eastern / Persian elements. Use for world discovery / amazing journeys, ethnic / foreign drama and travels. Features ...


This track sounds like the ingredients Reggae, Acoustic and Pop have all been mixed within a summer dish to create this joyful soundtrack. With influences such as Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, this track is a beautiful uplifting track.

Give Me The Go

Rock / Indie / Contemporary. "Give Me The Go" is a track that contains high-energy, typically found within Extreme Sports and Energy Drink related media. It has a sense of reckless rebellion, fun sports, or just acting out. It's a little bit crazy, a little bit wicked, slightly punky, and a lot of f...

Go Faster

Electronic / Cars / Up-Tempo. This electronic number is in the style of many pieces typically found within Racing media. E.g Video Game Menu Pages. Formula-1, race track, high intensity and high speed media. Available with or without race car sound effects mixed into the music.

It'll Be Ok

Quirky / Acoustic / Easy Listening. "It'll Be Ok" is an uplifting, happy track. Slight robotic drums and a quirky synthesizer brings a subtle cheeky aspect to the piece. It's charming, a little bit off the beaten track, tongue-in-cheek and homely. It has a certain 'green values' and eco-friendly fee...
Yann Keerim