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Good Vibes (Instrumental)

Positive pop music with a light beat and playful lovely guitars. Great summerfeeling for fashion, youth and advertising.

Good Vibes (No Vocoder Version)

Positive pop music with a light beat and playful lovely guitars. Great summerfeeling for fashion, youth and advertising.

Good Vibes

Positive pop music with a light beat, cool vocoder sounds and playful lovely guitars. Great summerfeeling for fashion, youth and advertising.

Slow and Steady

by hawkey
A laid back bluesy track featuring a guitar playing chords and improvising short licks.

Looking for the Rainbow

Looking for the Rainbow is a Ambient Track. Pretty uplifting .Perfect for your projects.


A Hero Has Died is a Cinematic Track. Perfect for your Project. Hope You like it.

From Sky to Earth

From Sky to Earth is an atmosphere track which begins with almost nothing and ends super big.It’s perfect for films and ads.


Dark Sand Beach is a house track. A little bit dark .Perfect for Ad and commercials.

Corporate Inventions

by attila
Motivational upbeat pop track with electric guitars, bass and drums. Great for corporate videos, presentations, promos, commercials and other media.

Be Logic

Electro Lounge Logo with spacey synthesizer, relaxing beat and short voice sample. Great for technology, science fiction and themes around universe and space.

It is Music (Audio Logo)

Light and spheric electro ident with female singing and atmospheric sounds. Great for intros, logos and themes about space, universe and music.

Inspiring Dramatic Underscore

A dramatic and cinematic piece with piano, lush strings and choir. It has a deep, emotional and epic quality with bittersweet tones. Perfect for film trailers, emotional scenes in tv shows, opening and end credits, documentaries and more. Features piano and orchestra. Starts building intensity aroun...

Epic Background

This inspirational and dramatic track starts out with solo piano and gradually builds intensity as strong percussion and orchestra join in. It is an emotional and cinematic track with vibes of hope, triumph, rising above and conquering. Perfect for youtube videos, military documentaries about war...

Successful Business Trends

by nazar
Best for corporate videos, business projects, social media, websites, TV commercials and other audiovisual media. This is the track that will make your project accomplish the goals you have set and will bring you success and happiness.

Inspire Hope

An inspiring indie/pop track which starts with a memorable piano line and then is joined by percussion and electric guitar to give it a very modern and fresh feel. Perfect for inspirational and motivational productions, advertisements and commercials, corporate branding, inspiring youtube videos, sl...

Pure Purple Passion

Classy acoustic track with a clear latin, gypsy jazz flavor. Great cue to convey love, passion, jealousy, romance. Very atmospheric and narrative, with beautiful melodic lines by played classic guitar and accordion, plus remarkable jazzy solos by violin and trumpet. Several 60 second edits available...

Childrens Play (Kids Tv Show, Childish, Cartoons, Intro)

Perfect background music for YouTube videos for kids show, Children TV shows. Mood: positive, joyful, playful, emotional, sweet Instruments: acoustic guitar, bass, percussions, shakers, piano and celeste.

Challenge The World (Epic, Inspiring, Dramatic, Motivating, Cinematic)

Perfect background cinematic music for YouTube videos, TV shows, corporate and business presentations, promotions, advertising, movies, short films and cinematic movie trailers. Mood: inspirational, heroic, epic, intense, emotional, energetic, dramatic. Instruments: acoustic piano, epic toms...
Yann Keerim