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Sweet water

Repetitive music, very functional and organic. This track recorded on piano and strings will be great for ambient, background music, climatic situations. Warm acoustic sound and soft ending


Acoustic music with marimba, piano and strings. A Violin ensemble play pizzicato in some parts with a surprise mood. This optimistic music will be great for film credits, openings, endings, background music and others. Very conclusive ending

The calm

Soft music track recorded on piano, clarinet and strings. Great music for sensitive and delicate situations. This slow and warm music will fit well on documentaries and cinematic projects

To be well

Acoustic ballad recorded on Piano, Soprano saxophone, flugelhorn, double bass and drums. Slow tempo, warm, sensitive, sweet and hopeful. Very relaxed with cool solo melodies will be great for ambient, background and lounge music

Uplifting evening

Organic music for corporate, business, advertising projects. Repetitive piano melody with soft strings at the beginning, then violins and marimba appears giving an uplifting, successful feeling

Wild horses

Powerful music for movie trailers and forceful projects. Featuring string section, powerful percussion and piano this music will be great for persecution, battles, energetic scenes. Strong ending and epic, heroic mood


Folk music from Argentina. Contrabass and piano duet playing an easy melody in a 3/4 rhythm. Acoustic, instrumental, easy listening and hopeful feeling

Hop Skip Jump

This piece is pizzicato driven and staccato fueled. Bells, xylophone, clarinets, percussion and horns tickle around the composition as well. It takes you down an exhilarating mountain of fun, excitement, nostalgia, holidays, goofing around, mad cap antics, craziness, boarding school pranks and post ...

Lickety Spilt

This slapstick, camp diddy is great for almost anything with a fun theme. It's reminiscent of 60s and 70s variety show pieces often featuring a horn like tenor sax with a tight pop country band in tow. This features tenor sax, trumpets, flutes, baritone sax, guitar, bass, drums, and cartoon effects....

Rainbow Antique

Easy listening piece great for family or relational scenes, children, grandparents, and celebrating each other. Marimba, pizzicato strings, cello, bass, bells, staccato strings, tubular bells, and light percussion are used in this composition.
Yann Keerim