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Wake Up

Fast jazzy music track. Swinging piano trio playing a traditional tune. Very rhythmic, agile, and motivated. Great music for joyful, moving and excited situations

Joyful Jazzy Piano

Jazz piano music track, very traditional and swinging. This music is creative and fresh with great improvised melodies. Count Basie ending, very conclusive ending

Sexy Blues

Blues music recorded on piano with great bluesy melodies. This music track is slow, sensual, smooth and warm

You are Sensual

Sensual latin music track featuring percussion, piano and bass. Medium tempo with warm piano melodies this music will fit well for romantic, sexy and joyful situations.

Touching Atmosphere

Climatic acoustic music track, very soft and slow. This music will be great for caring, soulful, sensitive situations. Great music for documentaries, landscapes, credits, and any situation where images flows in a tender way

All Together

Cool guitar and piano music, very happy, light and easy. This music track has and optimistic mood with cool melodies. Great for ambient music, background music in commercials and video projects

Caribbean Party

Smooth latin music featuring piano, guitar and percussion. Cool trumpet solo and piano melodies. This music will fit well for vacations, holidays, beach and fun situations

Good Old Times

Cool piano and contrabass duet music track. This jazz music will be great for ambient, background music. Easy listening and medium tempo with a positive, happy mood and a Duke Ellington ending

Gospel in the Stars

Light acoustic music, very soulful and relaxed. The Drums play a simple groove with a large ambient and the piano play gospel chards. This music is simple and will be great for credits, background music and easy listening music

I Love You

Emotive piano and strings music. This soft music will be great for cinematic, romantic and loving situations. Great music for ambient music and background music too
Yann Keerim