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Hopeful Process

This bright and optimistic cue starts with solo piano and build into a rich piece using acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and an assortment of other instruments. The 30 and 60 second versions compress the builds into their own timelines, so the cut down versions are perfect for advertising ...

Bounty Hunter

Twangy electric guitar driven soundtrack that combines retro rock, classic surf and spaghetti western music styles together. Evokes a gritty and edgy, intense atmosphere. Builds to a dynamic chorus section. Features human whistling, tremolo baritone guitars, chimes, bass, drums and percussion.

A Successful Day

An Uplifting Day is a soft and bright/uplifting track with a nice and smooth Mandoline riff & acoustic guitars, for a nice and special day where you're mood is positive and outward looking,can used on commercials, TV ads, podcasts and presentations and more.

Endless Landscape

Endless Landscape Full Version is a heartwarming Positive and energetic soundscape/atmosphere track that slowly growing, expanding track that starts off with a small and quiet sequence and slowly swells into a crescendo and into a big buildup with big drum sound at the end.. Includes three Ver...


Piano based, suspenseful eery track, gives a good vibe or fear, intimidation and or horror

Apology To Mankind

Deep drums, grungy guitars and chilling choir voices gives this track a sense of horror and fear

Celebrity Woes

Hard drums and synths fill this pure hip hop based track


Percussion based suspense track with dark horns and rythmic pianos, this track conveys suspense and drama..

Man Versus Machine

Hard drums and synths give this head nodding track a good feel, it has a video game vibe to it


Weirds sounds, choir voices and low drums fill this mystical,melodic instrumental

Christmas Fair

by Evgeny
Happy, cheerful and funny orchestral Christmas piece. Easy and festive atmosphere in anticipation of the coming holiday. Starting with a light wind chimes, the theme ends with a triumphant crescendo. Bells ringing, declaring that the long-awaited holiday has come!


by Evgeny
Positive, uplifting and happy instrumental, based on the modern guitar sound. Dynamically evolving structure of the composition, with an explosion of positive emotion in the final part. Sounds like U2, Snow Patrol and Angels & Airwaves. Works well for modern corporate video, branding, ad campaigns,...

Enemy Invasion

Suspense-filled orchestral music with somber strings and an impelling march made of timpani and drums. Menacing and militaristic, like troops marching off to war.

Kiss the Blues

Powerful blues with guitar, Hammond organ, drums and bass. Conveys strength, power and superiority.

Mediterranean Flair

Mediterranean flair with a virtuosic accordion, strings and a finger-picked guitar. Radiates a pleasant, funny and harmonious atmosphere.

Old Spice

Fast, funny and slightly weird sounding song. Antiquated and oldfashioned. Perfect for comedy and josh movies.

Catchy Bossa

Positive, cheerful bossa nova with acoustic guitar, rhodes, brushes and percussion. Youthful, naive, untroubled and free.

Spring is here

Acoustic Indie Pop with a slightly melancholic piano theme accompanied by subdued drums and guitar. Nonetheless hopeful and fresh.

Funny Show Theme

Funny, cheerful 1930s-style opener with brass, piano and drum brushes. Well-suited for comedy, magic shows and cartoons.
Yann Keerim