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A Simple Dream

A Simple Dream is a very clean track. It has a relaxed vibe with ups and downs giving us the sensation of being inside a dream. The song is a combination of Wurlitzer upright pianos playing ad libitum. Hope u like it.

Be Good

Opening or closing theme for TV/radio and cinema. Its very smooth, with few instruments and a bit jazzy.

Boxing match

Opening/closing theme for a powerful purpose with strong hits, drums and a heartbeat

Atmospheric feeling of suspense

Nu Rock loop with sampled cymbals, guitars and an atmospheric feeling of suspense

Revelations Loop

Piano and apreggiator synth play together in a positive happy musical loop

Piano awakening sound logo

Sound logo with piano that reverses itself at the end to close the theme.

Percussion playground Loop

Sampled and synthesized percussion create a weird, funny and cool semi open atmosphere with some piano and vocal effects.

Water Beats Loop

This is what happens when you sample a water bottle in my studio. I love the water sound in any situation.

Cinematic flutestep

Flute Sample form back home in Mexico city. I produced the musical bed on top and cretaed this weird grey/green atmopsphere

Electro waltz ending

Waltz tempo, electronic sounds, strings and beats fusion in this track to create a "soundtrack" vibe.

Wake up to life sound logo

Electric vintage guitar creates a simple sound logo with a positive chilled vibe

Binaural beat LOOP

Short drum and binaural bass loop. Ideal for layering on top. Clients ask me to add some extra production on this kind of loops. Like, adding keys, making it longer, etc.

Come to me loop

Slow/house/funky loop with vintage sounds and synth stabs. Extra production needs can be done here

House funk Loop

Groovie loop Track with vintage drums, synths and analog sounds.

Kick n tambourine Loop

Simple kick and vintage tambourine ideal for layering. Feel free to ask for extra production needs on this track.

Seductive funk Loop

Shuffled groove with vintage drums and keyboards create a cool laidback loop track


Atmosphere with vocal samples, piano, soundscapes and drums without a tempo
Yann Keerim