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Rainy Seashore

A tranquil, introspective and peaceful track, featuring keyboard pads, synths and acoustic guitar. It's a good background instrumental for TV, documentaries, or any scenes needing music with a calm, reflective and dreamy feel.

Before Sunrise

Nice and romantic track with a classical guitars and a smooth a gentle singer in Parisian style.Well suited for romantic movie projects, video background about traveling,and holidays.

A Beautiful Life

Celebrating good times with family and friends, of hitting the open road on a beautiful day or maybe The joy at the end of a long journey, or a simple romantic walk on the beach This folksy sounding track features 3 nice guitars/ukulele in a upbeat fingerpicked style Upbeat and simple. Great backin...

Top Of The Mountain (All edits)

Inspiring instrumental, with expressive synth pads, piano, guitar, synth choir over powerful drums. Starts out softly, and gets more intense as it goes on, and goes back and forth. Has an edgy, contemporary sound. Ideal for montage videos with footage of snowboarding, or any extreme sports, or for ...

Facing Obstacles (All edits)

Driving midtempo instrumental with memorable piano riff, strings, bass and hard hitting drums. Has a slight hip hop influence and a sense of perseverance, determination, as well as hope and achievement. Could be used in TV shows, trailer, web or corporate videos. Could fit in sports videos, for mont...

Open Reflexion (All edits)

Midtempo atmospheric instrumental, with synth pads, strings, expressive piano melody and catchy bass line over electronic percussions and drums. Has a reflective mood, and a slightly futuristic sound. Ideal for corporate videos, or presentations about a company, a product, or a phenomenon.

Running Away (All edits)

Uplifting orchestral instrumental, with piano, strings, guitars and horns, over strong drums and percussions. Starts slowly, and gradually builds up into a more intense instrumentation. Could fit well in commercials, advertisements, corporate videos, to add an emotional touch to a video.

Last Call

Very experimental, abstract,mysterious,dark and haunting ambient track. perfect for documentary films,horror/tension/suspense scenes.

Blood On The Wall (Prologue and Theme)

Very Dark and dramatic track, Mix of Symphony orchestra and cool beats. The Prologue is in the style of the movie Seven. The Theme part can be used as Main title for movies, games, shows, TV, Radio, Audio books, Military show, SWAT, Action, Sci-fi, Horror, Chase, Investigation, Detective, Profiling,...

United Force (All edits)

High energy action-packed midtempo instrumental, with strong brass hits, synths melodies, piano, powerful orchestral percussions and drums. A mix of electronic and orchestral instruments. Has a slight millitary sound, as well as a hip hop influence. Ideal for an action montage video, for a movie, T...

Summer Sun (All edits)

Midtempo pop instrumental, with acoustic guitar, piano, in your face brass rips, synths and bouncy drums. Has a slight hip hop and reggae influence, and a carefree vibe. Would fit nicely in outdoor scenes, on a beach, or in a sunny place, where people are having fun or playing sports.

Until Dawn (All edits)

Energetic uptempo pop dance instrumental, with in your face synths, deep bass, guitar riffs over hard hitting electro drums. Slow, calm melancholic introduction that leads to an upbeat verse, then to a high-energy chorus. Has a feeling of fun and excitement. Perfect for party scenes, where young adu...

Corporate Technology

by Aquilo
A crisp, cool track with nothing but electronic elements fitting for corporate use or other applications related to mobile / cellphone or computer advertising or infomercials. It could also fit a game for iPhone / iPad / Android. It is confident, yet has a clean sound and can sit well in the bac...

Robots Attack

by Aquilo
It’s the year 2144 and machines have taken over the earth. This is the soundtrack to one of the battles between robots and humanity. This is a hybrid track with both electronic instruments and more traditional epic orchestral strings, horns and percussion. Suitable in cinematic contexts li...

Hollywood Trailer

by Aquilo
A powerful cinematic trailer track with bombastic percussion, dramatic strings, horns and some electronic hybrid elements giving a full, rich sound. Fits cinematic contexts such as trailers, films, or an epic video game or a dramatic corporate presentation. It clocks in at 1:32 at a tempo of 120....

Childhood Friends

by Aquilo
A calm, melodic track that makes you feel good and reminisce. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down on the porch and just take in nature and love all around you. Fits a photo album slideshow, an ad / commercial with a message related to family, love, friendship or giving and sharing. It’s in t...
Yann Keerim