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The calm

Soft music track recorded on piano, clarinet and strings. Great music for sensitive and delicate situations. This slow and warm music will fit well on documentaries and cinematic projects

Uplifting evening

Organic music for corporate, business, advertising projects. Repetitive piano melody with soft strings at the beginning, then violins and marimba appears giving an uplifting, successful feeling.

Successful oddysey

Repetitive music featuring Piano, Fender rhodes and bass. The music is repetitive and change the key many times giving a successful and uplifting feeling. This music will fit for background, commercial, corporate, spots and others

Beautiful summer

Romantic piece of solo piano with soft acoustic piano sound. Very sensitive, quiet and emotional this music will be great for films, documentary and any tender, touching project

Tango city

Tango music played on piano. Easy listening music with a tango feeling. Very organic and casual with a very conclusive ending

Funny Summer

Groovy piece of music with piano sound and organ, very positive and happy. Jazzy, chill out, happy moods. Easy to listen will fit perfect for TV commercials, corporate spots and background music

Blues is my name

Slow bluesy music, very sweet and easy listening. This solo piano music will be great for commercials, spots and for ambient, background music. Conclusive ending

Bouncing with me

Funny, happy, graceful music recorded on piano. This jazzy music has a touch of comical feeling and will fit for old, humorous, traditional situations and commercial projects. Surprise ending

Lovely piano melody

Lovely piano melody, very relaxed and soft perfect for dramatic and nostalgic situations. This quiet music will be great for background music and for cinematic, dramatic, romantic situations

Latin piano montuno

Latin piano music track. Very happy, optimist, Organic and easy listening music. This 60 seconds of music will be great for commercials, spots, and advertising projects

Feeling the blues

Solo piano track with bluesy, jazzy melodies. Slow tempo, easy listening and soulful with the elegant Duke Ellington ending. Fresh, creative music

Hopeful smile

Solo piano tune, very soft and sensitive with a hopeful feeling. Beautiful acoustic piano sound and easy listening will be great for dramatic, sentimental and sweet situations


Relaxed and mellow piano trio music. Very quiet, sensitive, nostalgic, soft and slow. Beautiful bass solo, perfect for films, documentary needing 7.25 minutes of elegant background music

Piano memories

Soulful music track recorded on piano. This music is soft, creative, sweet and intimate with a warm acoustic sound. Great music for tender and emotional situations

Near New Orleans

Jazzy piano track. Fresh improvised melodies in a rhythm changes form. Traditional, solo piano, jazz music

Cinematic piano 2

Acoustic piano track with a dramatic and mysterious feeling. With large room reverb this music will be great for documentary, cinematic projects. Reflective, soft, sensitive music

Blues in my veins

Slow bluesy track, very sensitive, cool and relaxed. Laid-back feeling, soft playing and elegant ending
Yann Keerim