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A Sweet Moment

“A Sweet Moment” is a perfect tune for any peaceful and uplifting video or scene.perfect for a corporate use, montage videos, inspirational projects, motivational presentations and more.

The Road Back Home

“The Road Back Home” is a cinematic instrumental track with a combination of ethnic and orchestral sounds,Mysterious and haunting, an exotic middle eastern,, indian or arabic Flute. Starts with soft Atmosphere, and moves on to a rousing section, with big drums at the end and majestic string melo...

Tik Tok

“Tik Tok” Its Like A ticking bomb ,are u sure u want to wait till the end of this track 

Arabic Night Party

“Arabic Night Party” is a groovy and fun arabic flavor beat ,with Arabic strings section melody.

The Man Inside

“The Man Inside” – The Realm of Darkness closes in! A scary haunting track blending elements of Horror, thriller and suspense music with a big drums. Great for a blockbuster horror film, or a cool horror,scary movie trailers and epic war productions!

My New Toy

“My New Toy” is a Positive ,sweet little melody for a nice and sweet ads,commercials or podcast,games and apps.

My Grand Finale

“My Grand Finale” – A grand, epic, glorious and glorifying theme. Like the climax of an epic journey, or the rise of a new king. Cinematic, grandeur, royalty / regal feel, victory / victorious, triumphant. This Track is ideal for a great big INTRO movie and also if you just want to make a big ...


“Mona” is a very experimental, abstract,mysterious,dark, dissonant, and haunting are a few words to describe this track.

Angry Bass Line

This short musical Bridge called “Angry Bass Line”. The track made of a simple riff Bass Guitar And A Crazy Distorted Guitar

Romantic Piano Vol.6

“Romantic Piano Vol. 6” is a Romantic, reflective, beautiful, lush, are all good terms to describe this track. This slow instrumental track features Piano, and Strings. It has a harmonically haunting sound that would fit many moods both romantic and sad. 

Love And Hate Atmosphere

“Love and Hate Atmosphere Pad” is a short and sad Synths Pad feature evoking a melancholy and reflective atmosphere. Perfect for emotional and dramatic scenes.

Four On The Foor

“Four On The Floor” is uplifting and energetic basic House/Techno Track with two Parts 

Bells Up Logo

“Bells Up Logo” just a nice Glockenspiel logo cue.

Wind Of Hope

This heartfelt, sentimental track features a special Piano and Harp sequence, and is eventually joined by wondrous,tender atmosphere . A beautifully reflective, mellow piece perfect for productions looking to create a peaceful, heartwarming mood

It's a Good Day

“It’s a Good Day” (Corporation Track) this track have a great uplifting,fast groove and joyful mood with very optimistic vibe.

Chillout Mozart-Mozart Piano Sonata in C

"Chillout Mozart "- is a bright uplifting and positive classical peace (Mozart Piano Sonata in C ) in a Chillout/Lounge,nice and groovy mood,ideal for background music to video or slideshow or just for relaxation.

Blue Sky

“Blue Sky” Is a peaceful soft cool and bright melody with a driving beat in the background.
Yann Keerim