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Alien Baby

BPM 100 - lead guitar with delay fx, strings and celesta. strange, mysterious yet uplifting

A Walk in the Park

BPM 92 - A quirky tune, featuring, piano, pizzicato strings, xylophone and flute. Playful and a little mysterious.

At the Circus

BPM 150 - a frantic quirky circus tune. featuring brass, percussion woodwinds and strings. In the style of Pee Wee’s big adventure.

Barber Shop Boys

BPM 170 - a fun jazzy, uplifting, quirky tune with male jazz singers doing vocalize.

Chase the Baby

BPM 116 - a fun, upbeat and quirky tune featuring chasing harps and marimba. driving percussions with celesta, xylophone, piano and tuba.

Bumble and Tumble

BPM 84 - a quirky accordion tune with piano, pizzicato strings and percussion.

Clown and Mouse

BPM 160 - a fun, upbeat and quirky tune featuring piano, percussion, tuba and clarinet

Crickets and Butterflies

BPM 95 - featuring pizzicato strings and piano accompanied by harp, celesta and percussion. Lush, warm and gentle yet quirky.

Cranky Guitar

BPM 93 - distorted guitars, strings and percussion, quirky and ominous yet driving and fun

Dancing Bottles

BPM 98 - featuring tuned bottles playing a funky bluesy tune. Piano, percussion, harmonica, strings and synth bass complete the band. Quirky and groovy.

Dreams in Outer Space

BPM 78 - featuring percussive synth and slap bass to create an otherworldly yet quirky soundscape. Flute, clarinet, marimba, trombone and percussion ad to the depth of this cue.

Groundhog Blues

BPM 102 - a bluesy clarinet and brass tune. Quirky pizzicato strings, harp, piano, percussion and xylophone make it fun, uplifting and driving.

Gulliver and the Liliputans

BPM 76 - a quirky fun piano melody accompanied by pizzicato strings, bass and percussion that builds by adding xylophone and tuba. Uplifting, exciting and groovy.

Hippo and Son

BPM 116 - a bluesy bass line with organ and drums. Quirky, upbeat and fun with driving strings and brass for the bridge.

Mischievous Dolls

BPM 88 - driving staccato strings, celesta and piano make this quirky tune reminiscent of Danny Elfman. Dark with a mysterious overtone.

Junkyard Funk

BPM 82 - bass harmonica and trash can drums create this unique quirky bluesy cue. Accompanied with synth bass and strings makes this fun and driving.

Sneaking Cookies

BPM 116 - light pizzicato strings with harp and flute make this quirky cue gentle and fun. Celesta and glockenspiel add to the playfulness.

The Pixies Morning Dance

BPM 98 - floating piano with celesta, marimba and xylophone makes this lighthearted quirky tune gentle and fun.

Toys in the Attic

BPM 140 - quirky pizzicato strings with marimba, xylophone and piano make for a fun experience while the brass and percussion drive it forward.

Woodpecker and Friends

BPM 76 - a quirky upbeat tune with piano, pizzicato strings and xylophone. Fun and innocent.

Fruit Fly (with Vocals)

This is a simple, charming vocal track, based on ukulele, with a sweet melody and lyrics conveying a sense of harmony and union between man and nature. It is a perfect children song, but it is also a great song for productions aimed at adults, especially videos related to animals, nature and ... goo...
Yann Keerim