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Getting High AC2 Jan 31

A very uplifting and positive track, featuring strings, acoustic guitar and Ukulele. Great asset for corporate videos, and advertising. Highly motivational and inspiring.

Dark Rave 2 AC2 Feb 3

A very intense and percussive electro acoustic track. Featuring tribal percussion, electric guitar and electronic percussion.

San Valentine AC2 jan 28

A loving and warm orchestral track. A beautiful asset for San Valentine's Day, love movies, videos and ads.

Magic Journey 2 version AC2 jan22

An orchestral track full of energy, contrast, dynamic and great mood, with relaxing and climatic moments, where some rhythmic elements of traditional music are combined with orchestral language and a happy mood playing some Christmas like instruments and sounds.

Heroic Battle AC2 jan 14

An epic and energetic orchestral track. A perfect asset for films, video, video-games and any audiovisual application.

Secrets Ac2 jan 20

A very touching, emotional and dramatic track, featuring percussions, strings, balalaika, celesta, cello solo. A great asset for film, TV Shows, documentary and any other cinematic application.

Orchestral Fantasy 2 AC2 Dec 31

A beautiful, epic and strong orchestral track, with a very emotive and positive mood. Great for animation, film, and ads.

Dubstep It Up

This dubstep track has a heavy hard bass line, syncopated rhythms and a futuristic vibe. Featuring urban and experimental elements of breakbeat, this piece fuses an aggressive synth sound with dark drums and bass. Heavy, electronic and edgy.

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Motivational Day

Motivational background music with synth, bass and drums. Uplifting sound of synth and bass with drum beat makes energetic and inspirational mood.

Violin Virtuosos

by Aquilo
Two fast violins and a cello make up this dramatic, but stripped down piece. It is aggressive and raw in nature, but fits any project or commercial / advert portraying luxury or something cool.

Corporate Happiness

An upbeat piano together with an echoed electric guitar drive this positive, happy and motivational pop rock corporate track. In the chorus staccato orchestral strings enhance the rhythm and in the last section some people claps are added to put emphasis on the friendly and joyful nature of the trac...
Yann Keerim