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Corporate Music - A New Hope

Emotional corporate music that is all about pride, hope and working for a brighter future for us all. Starts with a simple piano theme and slowly builds to the peak at the end. Great for use in commercials or at corporate presentations with keywords like teamwork, success, pride, strength, hope ...

Dramatic Movie Music - Fight The Enemy

A short dramatic music theme about fighting - know matter what opposes you. Starts of with big drums and deep horns to illustrate an enemies persistence in trying to make you fail. Choirs and a solo boy is used to show the human perspective and at same time give the music a hint of melancholy. ...

League Of The Dark Knight

The dark linkers in the city, but a hero will arise to fight. In this intense track the mystical, the adventure dark and go hand in hand. Complete orchestral score with powerful instrumentation.

Powerful Music - Transform

Full blown cinematic trailer score. Perfect for productions where you need some powerful music to show determination, strength and vision. Transform you own production with this track. It's great for trailers, but of cause can be used for many other productions as well.

Gold Rush - Big Machines

Men and machines digging for gold. Its the new gold rush. Builds up to a big ending. This music can of cause be used for other stuff too, but do depict men fighting for what they believe in. Other keywords are strength and determination.

Motivational Music - Bright Future

Motivational & inspirational music that envisions a bright future. This music is great for a corporate presentation or simply something that has to do with motivation. Starts with a piano theme and then slowly builds upon it. This motivational music is made using a full symphonic orchestra which...

Orchestral Music - Forest Of The Ancients

This music is great for productions where you want a unique sound, a sound that you don't hear anywhere else. It can of cause be used for anything you where you need a bright and classical sound. Keywords for this music could be magical, mystical and nature. The piece depict an old forest whe...

Movie Theme - Adventure

An cinematic movie theme with a hint of triumph. Having succeeded in what you set out to do by persistence and clever choices. Starts out with a clear definition of the movie theme and incorporates snares to give the soundtrack more of a majestic feeling. The second part uses a wider selection of...

Epic Score - Trailer Music

An epic score that start slowly with strings and then builds up with, french horns, percussion and choirs. I has a powerful cinematic ending and is great as trailer music as it has that epic sound. Fight For Freedom. If you need a longer version of this score just let me know and I will make i fo...

Epic Battle Music - Hero Theme

Powerful epic Battle Music. Music that can be used for battle scene or something completely different. Has a big choir in the center of the composition that gives it an epic feel. At the same time is has a bit of heroism in it / a positive tone. Fight of the gods. We all need heroes to lead us an...

Positive Rock Music - Change Of Heart

Alternative rock / pop with hooky guitars and symphonic elements. When all hope is lost we push through and make something positive happen. A change of heart is all it takes.

Heroic Music - Why We Fight

A cinematic world war II track that depict the bond between fighting men. Honor, strength and loss is all felt in this realistic and emotional piece of music. Great for TV / documentary intro.

Moment of Happiness

This heartfelt melody ensures that happiness is imminent, ideal for wedding ceremony scenes or similar love-related story-lines ,this track also have a nice acoustic guitars and cool ukulele strumming,for a nice and special moment with really positive and sweet vibes for a nice and sweet ads ,commer...

Soft And Tender Moment

An elegant soft and lilting piano composition with an uplifting outlook. This theme will grab your viewers, and stirs up emotions of love, happiness, and romance.This music will fit well for a wide range of love, romance,coming together, commercial,logo, careful and tender situations.,Full of love,...

Moonlight Waltz

Nostalgic and emotional gentle piano-orchestra classical piece plays in a Waltz Melody. Ideal for romantic, nostalgic, growing up, reflective and lullaby scenes and feeling
Yann Keerim