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Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Soprano Sax)

A beautiful, dignified rendition of this traditional Christmas carol, with acoustic piano, B3 organ and soprano sax, with a subtle trumpet harmony lead. All unplugged, live recording.

The Twelve Days of Christmas (Female vocal)

Acoustic guitar and female vocal arrangement of this old traditional folk song, sometimes referred to as 'A Partridge in a Pear Tree'. Lots of fun to sing-along with, with ever expanding verses describing the many Christmas gifts lavished upon the song's subject. Great fun for kids and adults alike....

Fantasy Exploration #3

A sneaky and subtly pensive background / underscore track, suitable for mystery, discovery, exploration and for history / documentary etc, This is music that you don't really 'notice' as it doesn't stand out or grab the attention, It just stays in the background and provides a creepy, uneasy, myster...

Fantasy Exploration #2

A semi-orchestra, semi-tribal, earthy, mystical backtround / underscore track for fantasy, exploration, adventure and travel, General background use, peaceful and slightly mysterious, but without really being particularly sad, happy, dark, light or emotional, Nice for exploring new worlds, discovery...

Slip 'n Slide

Cool, uptempo kids track featuring house style drums, groovy tunes, 90's 'Korg M1' house style piano chords, melodic bass lines and lots of variation throughout, Highly suitable for a friendly kids action game, racing game or any other fun filled footage for kids and pre-teens,

Upbeat Technology

A upbeat electronic track influenced with technological elements with crispy upbeat drums, rolling bass, and interesting synthesized instruments.

Time to Get Motivated

A motivational upbeat uplifting track with big proud drums and hard to ignore melody and lush guitar. Great attention grabber!

Never Stop

Big breakbeat instrumental track with a lot of bite and influences of modern dubstep. High energy track intended towards action and dynamic sport content.

Need for Speed Breakbeat

A catchy upbeat breakbeat track that makes you want do some crazy stuff. A rushing track with rolling bass and awesome drums that is guaranteed to be hard to ignore suitable for many things particularly perfect for high speed car games or anything that demands action.

Motivational Thinking

This is an inspirational and motivating corporate music composition with lighthearted acoustic guitar and a touch of soothing bells. Best for corporate videos, business projects, social media, websites, TV commercials and other audiovisual media.

Robot Technology

A ambient/technological track with a little touch of IDM. The mood / feel of this track is “neutral”, it is not too happy, and not too ambient. Perfect for various projects!
Yann Keerim