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Punk Party

Fast and crazy Punk Rock track with energetic guitar riffs, upbeat drums and solid bass create a great fun and happy vibe for action movies, sports, biking, skateboard and stunts videos.

Rock Your Life

Upbeat and Happy Rock Tune full of energy and power. Strong guitar riffs, powerful drums, solid bass lines and some percussion create a perfect vibe for commercials, TV, product promos, presentations, shows and more.


A soft and spacey uplifting instrumental background with a synth and guitar melody over a light mid tempo drum groove . This positive and lighthearted tune provides an atmosphere of leisure and luxury as well as ease and serenity, and serves as perfect instrumental background for presenting holiday...

See The Lights

An uplifting and spellbinding pentatonic guitar theme over a repeating solid tomtom groove, slowly building up into a lite-rock groove. Big sounding British Rock style guitar accents underline the tune's grandeur and glory.

Listen To Your Heart

Positive and uplifting emotional romantic piano music with light airy and breathing drums and additional soft melodic acoustic guitar elements. This inspirational tune is the perfect background music for any project or presentation that needs an optimistic and positive instrumental atmosphere.

Peaceful Acoustic Loop

A peaceful and tender acoustic instrumental background with piano and guitars, supported by a light dudouk theme. The sweet and comforting tone of the tune provides an atmosphere of hope and thankfulness.

The rain song II (Pure piano version)

Meditative and emotional piano work recommended for soundtrack use. The same work with original sounds of rain and thunders is available under the title "The rain song II".

The rain song II

Meditative and emotional piano work recommended for soundtrack use. This version includes original sounds of rain and thunders. If you want only the music (piano and strings) you can download the work with the title "The rain song II (Pure version)".


Electronic instrumental music with keyboard, synth, bass, pad and drums. Keyboard and synth arpeggio sound with synth bass and rhythmic drums and background pad makes catchy and repetitive mood.
Yann Keerim