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Morning Sunshine (loop)

A bright acoustic instrumental background track with an uplifting motivational atmosphere. A mix of piano, light acoustic guitars, subtle whistling and choir create a perfect mood for any project or presentation that requires a positive and optimistic character. The track loops seamlessly.

Joyful Loop

A cheerful catchy melodic theme, played by xylophone over an ukulele-style guitar and a bouncing, clappy, light-hearted shuffle groove. Perfect background for any project or presentation that needs an all through positive and happy atmosphere.

Take It Easy

A cheerful catchy melodic theme, played by piano, vibraphone and xylophone over a bouncing, clappy, light-hearted shuffle groove. The second part features a nice sliding guitar melody, underlining the easy going character of the track. This optimistic and joyful tune is the perfect background for...

Bright New Day

A motivational business / corporate track with a positive and uplifting piano theme. This optimistic and joyful tune reflects success, motivation and confidence and provides an atmosphere of companionship and support to with a positive outlook for the future. Perfect as background loop for any bus...

Torn Apart

Climactic movie score with a mood of restlessness, turmoil, agitation and upheaval. It starts out with a simple repeating octave piano theme and builds up with the addition of different counter-themes by strings / orchestra. Perfect instrumental background music for documentaries of medieval lands...

A New Flame

A bright, uplifting guitar melody over a repeating solid tomtom groove and synth sequencing patterns, alternating with a powerful and majestic piano theme. The track has a strong energy and is intended to raise the spirits of your listeners. Perfect, whenever a distinct musical touch of confidence...

New Start (30 sec B)

by Evgeny
Very motivational and positive track that rises from the staccato strings, to the powerful rock part. Dynamic changes, sweeping effects, full of positive emotions. Can be used for various corporate and advertising themes. Ideal for adverts that showcase achievement, excellence and teaming up.
Yann Keerim