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Paddling Down a River

This music uses soothing bells and inspiring melody to bring a calm and relaxed vibe. The music is smart, and sophisticated while still leaving a minimal and positive experience. These qualities makes this music great for a wide variety of applications including nature, documentary, business, ads, p...

Beautiful Dawn

This beautiful background music really strikes a majestic chord. The soothing marimba takes over as the bright and peaceful melody takes over. The music is soft, minimal, and emotive enough to work great with a wide variety of applications including nature, travel, outdoors, presentations, televisio...

Advanced Crystal

The music uses a minimal but high tech sound to really grab your attention. This music uses technical sounding melodies and percussion which really says this is cool, futuristic, and new. The arrangement makes this music a must use for a wide variety of applications including business, ads, televisi...

Futuristic Pluck

Futuristic, cool, and plucky are the words best to describe this modern business music. The rhythm plays an echoing melody that is highlighted by a subtle plucky synth that really screams this is cool pay attention. The arrangement is simple but has a sound that is ultra progressive and is perfect f...

Subtle Whisper

This music has a very cool presence while being progress and forward thinking at the same time. The airy whispering pad is contrasted by a hypnotic and creative mid range that sings with wild electronic synths. The cool and futuristic style makes this music a must have for a wide variety of project...

Industrial Action

This hard hitting and powerful industrial track creatives a dark and action packed sound which really gets its point across. The dramatic percussion is enhanced with a dark bass line and it really creates a since of action and doom all that the same time. Whether your looking for a high action track...

Black Crystal

This music is a dark yet cool electronic track with progressive synths and spacey percussion. The futuristic sounds combine to create a great track that works great for a wide variety of applications including business, presentations, flash, website, television, documentary and much much more.

Easy Bliss

Simple, beautiful, and to the point are the words that best describes this music. The minimal nature and sweet melodies makes this track something stands out as something that will truly enhance a wide variety of applications.

Progressive Deal

This progressive electro track utilizes a cool futuristic acid melody with powerful percussion and bass. The music screams new and futuristic but the overall tone of the music is somewhat neutral so it will play great with a wide variety of applications.

Advance On

This minimal but spirited track combines a cool tech rhythm with sophisticated pads and melodies. The music is light and bouncy but is neutral enough to play great with a large variety of applications including business, presentations, television, documentary, website, and much much more.

Mystical Discovery

This music uses subtle high tech melodies and smooth bass to really paint a picture. It is a nice mix of cool synths with a peaceful presence, and the progressive feel of the music allows it to play great with a large variety of applications including flash, presentations, corporate, website, commer...

Dark Cell

This cinematic inspired soundscape really captures your attention. The powerful percussion and haunting pads scream drama while the melody really brings out emotions. The music is arranged to work great with a wide variety of powerful applications including film, trailers, documentary, television, v...

Doomsday Action

This music uses a dramatic and powerful industrial music which creates a vivid picture. The hard bass lines, and the in your face percussion set the stage as the robotic and mechanical melodies take over. The music is just the fusion needed to create a great track for a wide variety of applications ...

Urban Tribes

Ethnic fusion instrumental music with tribal instruments, strings, various percussions and drums. Rhythmic and groovy sound of ethnic instrument and percussions with modern drums make cheerful mood.
Yann Keerim