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Freak Circus

A fantastic, bizarre, strange and very original track, featuring brasses, percussion and accordion, with a Danny Elfman kind of sound, where brasses plays in a very fun way to get a great mood where ska, vals, and other rhythms find a sonic space.

Our Future

A great and dynamic motivational track, playing drums, synthesizers, guitars, piano, strings and bass. A perfect track for any kind of motivational and corporate production.

Light Corporate

A fresh and light corporate track, subtle and dynamic for corporate and Web applications.

Your Heart

A very inspiring, relaxing and soft track, dynamic and hypnotic, takes you to your deepest good feelings.

My Playground

A tune dedicated to children, creating the image of a playground full of little kids having fun. Keyboards, marimbas, double bass, tuba and celesta create this track full of energy, evoking beautiful images. Perfect for adverts, TV shows, movies and even video-games addressed to the little

Great Business Day AC2 Aug 3

A very motivational, positive and optimistic inspiring track, playing electronics, drums, bass, electric and acoustic piano, acoustic guitar and synthesizers.

Fantastic Carnival

A beautiful, epic and festive track, where an orchestra is played, getting a fantastic sound evoking Latin American compositions. A great track for any cinematic application, soundtrack, video-games cartoons and animations.

Freedom SAC2 Oct 24

Energetic and inspiring pop rock track, featuring electric and acoustic guitars, electronics, drums, bass and strings.

Kids from the Mountain

A nice, festive and happy track where latinamerican rhythms are played together to marimbas and glockenspiels getting a perfect tune for adverts, films and any childlike application.

Realizing my Dreams

A very positive, uplifting and exciting track, emotional, and encouraging, where orchestra and rock ensemble are played together, creating this outstanding track. A perfect match for motivational, corporate, and business and movies applications.

Epic War

A very energetic, powerful, dramatic and exciting orchestral track, epic and heroic, with a very strong percussion.A perfect match for any epic product, either on video games, films, trailers or adverts.

Fresh Ukulele AC2 Sep 14

A beautiful, playful and happy track featuring ukelele, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, strings, piano, glockenspiel and celesta. A great asset for kids and optimistic videos, ads and web applications

Retro Clubbing

An exciting, energetic and upbeat electronic tune, with some retro style. A great asset for fashion, advertising, clubbing and corporate applications.

Growing Up

Energetic and inspiring pop rock track, featuring electric and acoustic guitars, electronics, drums, bass and strings.

Fantasy AC2 June 14

A beautiful and playful orchestral track, happy and bright, with a certain latin flavour at the arrangement. A perfect match for kids production, adventure and action films with some fantastic event on it.

Time for a Change

A great, epic, big and bright track featuring a string and brass orchestra, electric guitar, glockenspiel, celesta, and electric piano. An absolutely great track for motivational, business and corporate videos and movies.

Funky Corporate

This is a short jazzy funky tune with a cool mood, matching with corporate videos. Bass, guitars and synthesizers give a strong and energetic mood to this track full of groovy. Instrumental, Pop Music, Easy Listening

Festive Ukulele

A very happy, fun and festive track featuring ukulele, celesta, percussion, electronics and accordion. You can feel some Latin flavor at this one.

Orchestral Fantasy

A sweet, smooth and beautiful fantastic orchestral track, featuring celesta, glockenspiel, strings, oboe, clarinet, flute. A great track for animation, film, video-game, kid production and more.

Sweet Music Box

A beautiful track featuring mallets, vibraphone, celesta, marimba, glockenspiel, and drums, getting a very nice children feeling. A great track for media related to kids.

Rock and Roll Christmas

A nice and fun rock and roll, featuring electric guitars, electric piano, tenor sax, and piano as well as bells. a great asset for animations, ads, and promos.
Yann Keerim