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Snowflakes Falling

Beautiful and magical Christmas / winter track with orchestra, choir and sleigh bells. An enchanting track, perfect for the holidays, with a rousing final verse.

Top Shelf Quality

This cool downtempo music really sets a mellow yet modern tone. The high tech melodies ring true while the bass and drum combination really puts the music on a stylistic edge. It's arranged to play great to a wide variety of applications including business, commercial, ads, television, and everythin...

Atmospheric Business

This atmospheric music is the perfect mix of modern innovation, high tech flavor, and a tone that shouts big business demo. The plucky synth melody is contrasted by mellow pads, big percussion, and an overall sound that gives the impression that a brand new innovation is being unveiled. The music is...

Bright Colored Piano

This fun spirited music is a bright mix of child like innocence and straight forward simple fun. The piano plays out a happy melody while the minimal percussion and pads set the mood. Whether its for children, ads, cartoons, animations, or more; this track is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Mellow Moon Light

This downtempo music utilizes a high tech sound with futuristic synths and cool overall sound. The music is a blend of corporate innovation meets progressive style and design. The music is arranged so it will play great with a wide variety of applications including business, corporate, explainers, c...

Going Forward

This upbeat contemporary new age music uses hypnotic melodies and really creates beautiful sound. The peaceful bell leads are complimented by a whispering melody that really strikes a chord. It is perfect for traveling, spa, relaxation, documentary, commercial, business, and much much more.

True Motivation

Uplifting and Motivational Pop/Rock track with inspiring harmonies and catchy melodies, Upbeat drums and stunning guitar solos, perfect for commercials, TV, radio, advertising, new product promotion. Powerful and Exciting music composition filled with optimism and evoking the feelings of success and...

Music Of The Past

Dramatic and dark solo piano composition. Tragic but beautiful music full of nostalgia and dramatism about the memories of the past, reminscence of lost loved ones. This emotional composition can greatly enhance dramatic trailers, films, documentaries and videos.

Positive Evening

A Positive, thoughtful and gentle music track featuring acoustic guitar, piano, drums and percussive instruments. This track is very warm, personal and great as a background music while still creating a wonderful vibe. Great for commercials, videos, photo slideshows, presentations, websites, slide s...

Whispered Feeling

Nostalgic and melancholic solo piano composition full of emotional drama. Beautiful harmonies and melodies performed on solo piano brings the feelings of reminscence, love and deep feelings to the listener. Great for dramatic films, documentaries and videos.

Chasing Time

Inspirational and Uplifting music track featuring Piano, Orchestral Strings, Modern Drum Beat and Percussion. Contemporary composition with changing rhythm structures that create a feeling of chasing time. Atmospheric, elevating and inspiring harmoniesgreat for many different uses: Commercials, Prom...
Yann Keerim