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24th Floor

Nice build up from serene and pretty acoustic guitars to a full band. Harmonica solo throughout evokes a wholesome summer country ranch image.

How Long

Modern rock music that curiously evokes patriotism, pride ( a bit of a Scottish bagpipe feel but replaced by harmonized electric guitars)

The Last Track

repeating blues instrumental motif like the na na nas at the end of Hey Jude- gradual build up from a modest beginning to a full on sweeping finish.

The Things That I Didn't Do Wrong (Instrumental version)

very Dave Matthews Band inspired- acoustic guitar and a rock band jammin' it out in an elegant fashion. Recorded in San Francisco.

Bright Bounce

This music is a modern mix of cool corporate attitude which screams this is positive, technological, and innovative. The melody plays out a futuristic style melody as the haunting pads create the mood. This music is ideal for advertising, corporate video, presentations, and much much more.

Only the Best 30sec

Moving and light, Only the Best is a romantic indie pop instrumental that features acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, and piano.

Dancing on the Rooftop Loop 1

Bouncy and fun, Dancing on the Rooftop is a modern indie rock instrumental that features driving drums and bass, synth textures, and piano and guitar.


A modern indie-folk instrumental featuring bouncy guitars. Moderate/Fast tempo.

Seize the Day Loop 1

Bouncy and driving, Seize the Day is a modern rock instrumental that features anthemic and melodic piano and guitar to create feelings of motivation and success.

Encouraging Words Loop 1

Moving and positive, Encouraging Words is a modern orchestral rock instrumental that features and electric guitar textures, piano, and bells and glockenspiel.

Opportunities Abound

Bouncy and driving, Opportunities Abound is a modern rock instrumental that uses textured guitars, synth leads, and driving drums to create feelings of success and motivation.
Yann Keerim