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Duel in the Sun (Spaghetti Western) - Loop 3

The vast desert is opening in front of you and the only thing you can hear in the torpor of the sun is the creak of your boots, and your hand sweating on the gun. And then, the last moment of silence ends, and the duel starts. Does this combination of guitars, double bass and synth sound like wester...

A Human Being

A human being drawn by electric guitar and bass - this is what this song is all about. It’s a shiver, a hesitation, a moment of indecision and then an undecided choice - it’s what we are, as humans. Never sure, never convinced - a harmony floating in the wind, waiting for the stream.

Call Me Chicken One More Time - Loop 2

Grunge spirit - that's what this song is about. Underground and edgy - this is a subtle description of the human race, in a raw combination of bass and drums. This loop is based on my clip 'Call Me Chicken One More Time'.

Toy Shop - Loop 2

We all dreamed at least once to get lost in the toy shop and spend the night over. Listen to the sound of toys and remember all your sweet child dreams - this song is your chance to get lost in the toys world. This loop is based on my clip 'Toy Shop'.

Dangereux - Loop 4

The urban subculture - the world under the ground, the obscurity, the drums resonating in your ears all over again. This song is about a dangerous life. This loop is based on my clip 'Dangereux'.

Wah Wah Friendship

One soft optimistic track with a sweet flavour given by the tambourine rhythm. A very nice mix of retro sounds with possible uses in romantic, crisis, humorous or happy scenes. It also has a reflective, somewhat romantic and sentimental mood. Humorous string track that feels a little sugary.

Take This Personally

The sound of tragedy, piano and violins. Full of suspense and then it explodes in a frenzy of drums, electric guitars and synths. This song is the mystery of the night - soft, gentle and yet hardcore and exciting.

Colors - Loop 1

The sweet sound of China - the warm sun coming down over the perfect green mountains, the rural houses, the vast colors and the magic of traditions - this beauty is all captured in a brilliant cello, oboe and violin song. This loop is based on my clip 'Colors'.

Fooling Around - Loop 1

The totally spy mode! This song is the foolish game of a child, the happiness of a stolen identity, danced in rhythms of piano and drums. This is the frenzy of the spy game, played over and over in this amazing loop. This loop is based on my clip 'Fooling Around'.

White Night

This is one melancholic story, told in the sweetest way that an electric guitar and bass could ever tell. It's a midnight of our lives, a white night in the silence of darkness.

Where The Day Ends

The day of victory settles easily over the sunny field - the peace, the melancholy, the calm and the sadness. This song reminds of a medieval era, a time of princesses and princes, described in the smooth sound of english and french horns and bassoon.

Questioning - Loop 2

A refreshing track, with typical groove elements based on drums, synth and acoustic guitar beat. Perfect soundtrack for morning commercial or short films about traveling, imagination or motivation. Cheerful straight drum flow which is also perfect for ambient lounge scenes. Just try it! This loop...

Go See - Loop 1

The wind of change - super modern. Let your senses fly through time, in the sounds of bass, drums and synths. This loop is based on my clip 'Go See'.

Hipster Song - Loop 4

Lie on your hipster bed, with your headphones on. Close your eyes, and let yourself fly away in the unconscious world. Let your mind empty, only filled with the robo-classy style of this song. This loop is based on my clip 'Hipster Song'.


Feel your heart beating faster, feel your body freezing, feel the tragedy and then feel the meltdown, feel the frenzy and the unexpected. This amazing modern-baroque compilation will take your senses to an amazing journey through tragedy, frenzy, and craziness.

Afterwhile - Loop 1

This song is the ballad of the searcher and the melancholy of the paralysis. This loop is based on my clip 'Afterwhile'.

Up And Running

A bit of the western wildness, a bit of the joy of holidays, a bit of uncertainty, desire, softness, and amusement - this is what this song is, an amazing compilation of situations and feelings, all in rhythms of bass, electric guitar, drums, vibraphone and synths.

Go See - Loop 2

The wind of change - super modern. Let your senses fly through time, in the sounds of bass, drums and synths. This loop is based on my clip 'Go See'.

Rest Assured - Loop 2

This song is the ultra-modern reality. So, prepare for the robo-dance in this surprising compilation of drums and synth. This loop is based on my clip 'Rest Assured'.

The Shrimp - Loop 1

This is a piece with oriental influences, a modern thought about balance. Cello, oboe and violin, all in a zen mood. This loop is based on my clip 'The Shrimp'.

Pink Room - Loop 2

A white and pale pink room, a white wooden baby crib, a musical toy hanging over, a baby slightly laughing with its perfect, huge shiny eyes. This song is about the purity of a child, the silence of the discovery game, the intimacy of a happy moment. This loop is based on my clip 'Pink Room'.
Yann Keerim