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High Motivation

by nazar
Uplifting corporate instrumental with a beautiful piano melody, great rhythmic drums and soft strings. It builds up to an inspiring melody and can be used in any type of setting.

Holiday Inspiration

by nazar
Bright and clean. It relaxes and distracts from earthly concerns, and from her heart becomes lighter. The mass of positive emotions. Can be used in the movie, children’s programs and thematic presentations, computer games.

Hope & Inspiration

by nazar
Best for corporate videos, business projects, social media, websites, TV commercials and other audiovisual media. This is the track that will make your project accomplish the goals you have set and will bring you success and happiness.

Hope Cinematic Trailer

by nazar
Epic action hollywood style track with a straight building. Perfect for video games, action movie scores, trailers, adventure and epic contents. Features percussions, violins, cellos, stingers, intro and outro. Huge sound, high-impact dramatic score with a cinematic sound.

Hope Spirit

by nazar
Inspiring, beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piece perfect for CORPORATE, wedding, romance, nature, innocence, inspirational projects, slideshows, motivational presentations and more. positive and Uplifting piano motives, elegant and light strings, emotional swells and tender, sentimental moments...

Hope Uplifting

by nazar
This song will set the tone for positive change and realizing your dreams. Motivate and encourage your audience as they visual their new beginning. This track has inspiring synth and string melodies throughout the song, yet takes on a new purpose as pulsating guitars build to an apex.

Action News

Fast and urgent music bed, Action style, suitable for Headline News on Radio and TV or simply as tension bed, sports bed. Great also for videogames. Loop edit.

Ambient Chill-Out

Electronic peaceful Ambient Chill Out track, perfect for corporate, presentations, business and in all situations where a smooth background bed is needed. A nice and distant piano add in the second part. Main version. Loops also available.

Ambient Motivation

Light rhythms and subtle synths and pads, much ambient oriented. This is very suitable for a wide variety of applications... Business, corporate, presentations, as bed under news as well in many other situations. Divided into two sections, in the first there's only the kick drum, in the second ther...

Angels Fly

Sweet and romantic cue, reflective, featuring a warm piano, highly cinematic. Great as drama relationship and love score. Something magic, ethereal is happening. Slow. Solo Piano edit, full track also available.

At the Circus

3/4 funny waltz, pizzicato strings, quirky and upbeat track, ideal for kid shows, circus, to support fun scenes, comedy, dramedy and great for certain types of commercials also. Featuring pizzicato strings, staccato winds and brass, xylophone and slide whistle. Various edits available.

Cinematic Action

Epic hybrid orchestral track, starting dangerous, alarming, deep and big, with arpeggiated/pulsing and percusive synths supporting the rhythmic section in the style of modern blockbuster composers. A calm anticipating and suspenseful section in the middle where percussions play. It builds with cresc...

Come On

Blazing rock instrumental - shades of Rush. Lead guitar driven, classic rock oriented, happy, uplifting, motivating and driving.

Morning Waltz

Bright solo guitar music suitable for video production and media campaigns.


by Evgeny
Very simple and easy-going music based on repetitive guitar riff. Consists of two dynamically different parts: first part based on acoustic guitar and second on electric guitar.
Yann Keerim