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A fun, happy quirky electronic piece with sampled vocals

Fun Stomp

A fun and happy piece with a sense of childlike and innocence.

First Snow

A gentle piano solo with light strings conveying a melancholy feel with a touch of hope

Promise Me

A flowing piano piece backed by light strings. Emotional and reflective.

Open Spaces

Piano solo with an open, sparse feel, one of freedom and hope

Going Viral

Fast and intense hard rock with full blown guitars. Great for sports or action scenes!

Play Time

A happy, fun, carefree piano pop piece with a childlike feel.

Polar Vortex

A techo, rock piece with an aggressive feel and determined mood

Mood Swing

A spooky, intense alien-like piece with a suspenseful mood

Galaxy Ride

Electronica with a spacey, moody feel using synths and electric guitar

Freedom Flight

A piano based orchestral piece with an uplifting, inspirational and hopeful theme

Electra Gamer Loop

This quirky electronic game music combines a fun blend of wild synths, gritty bass, pounding drums and a catchy overall sound. This fusion of fun ideas in a seamless loop makes a great choice for a wide variety of applications including video, mobile, and online games, in addition to much much more...

Sorry Shannon

This sad modern classical piano and string music combines a heavy sense of sorrow, longing, and drama. The piano plays out a somber tone while the strings and atmospheric pads create a real sense of dread. This music works great for film, television, video game, horror, documentary and everything el...

Work It Out (Loopable)

Catchy upbeat instrumental, with different synthesizers, percussions, and electronic drums. Mix of pop, hip hop and dance, with a fun party vibe. Would fit nicely in a scene where people are dancing, having a good time, or in TV shows with celebrity news, or trendy topics. Seamless loop version.
Yann Keerim